American Brand Permethrin Granules

The American Brand Permethrin Granules would readily kill any target pests it comes in contact with. Its effectiveness is immediate and would be your best pick to eliminate various outdoor pests. Keep reading to know more!


How Do I Describe the American Brand Permethrin Granules?

American Brand Permethrin Granules
The American Brand Permethrin Granules

A granular insecticide called American Brand Permethrin Granules is intended to control a variety of insects that are common in and near homes.

The American Brand Permethrin Granules have a long-lasting residual action in addition to an immediate contact kill. Use American Brand Permethrin Granules to repel insects from your flowerbeds, lawns, and turf.


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How To Use American Brand Permethrin Granules?

  • Do Your Calculation:

Measure the area in feet, then multiply the length by the width to get the square footage. Application rates are 3.2 oz per 100 square feet (5 ft x 20 ft) or 2 pounds per 1,000 square feet.

  • Follow The American Brand Permethrin Granules Label Instructions:

Follow the instructions on the product package to determine the spreader settings after adding the appropriate amount to the spreader.

To ensure that the granules seep into the soil, we advise trimming the lawn before applying any treatments. For every 100 square feet, use 3.2 oz of American Brand Permethrin Granules.

  • Apply:

Spread the product evenly throughout the area that has to be treated. After applying the grains, lightly moisten them. Before the granules have been watered in, do not mow the treated area.

Water the areas you’ve treated after you’ve applied everything completely to help the granules reach the soil and have the greatest impact. For ongoing control, you can reapply from time to time.


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According to the American Brand Permethrin Granules Label Where Can I Apply?

  • Residential lawns
  • Commercial landscapes
  • Industrial landscapes
  • Schoolyards
  • Non-agricultural areas


When Do I Use the American Brand Permethrin?

  • DO: When treating for certain insects on grass, lawns, or flowerbeds that have been permitted by the label, as well as around foundations, use American Brand Permethrin Granules. When ant mounds start forming, they can be applied locally.
  • DO NOT: Applying during windy conditions or 24 hours before heavy rains are not recommended since these conditions can cause the granules to wash away after applications or drift away during the application.

What are the Target Pests of the American Brand Granules?

  • Grubs
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Crickets
  • Brown Dog Ticks
  • Fire Ants
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Armyworms
  • Billbugs
  • Cutworms
  • Earwigs
  • Mole Crickets
  • Sod Webworms


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How Long Does It Take To Act?

Permethrin Granules of the American Brand Get rid of specific pests right away.


What Is the Shelf Life According to the Label?

Granules of American Brand Permethrin have a shelf life of one to three years when kept in a dry, cold environment.


Additional Product Information?

What are the Active Ingredients? 0.25 % Of Permethrin
What are the Possible Areas of Application?  Outdoors
What Is the Chemical Type? Pyrethrum
Does this Product Have any Usage Restrictions? No
Which Other Product Can Be Compared With This Product? Bifen LP Granules
What Is Its Shipping Weight? 25.25 lbs
Is This Product Safe For Pets? If Used as Directed On the label, This Product Is Safe For Pets.


Where To Buy American Brand Permethrin Granules For Sale?



The provided answers here on American Brand Permethrin Granules, ranging from its effectiveness, to where and how to apply it, it’s safe to say that this product will help when it comes to handling your insect infestation.

Feel free to reach out to us for more help and inquiries by dropping a word or two in the comment section below.

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