Are Praying Mantis Dangerous To Dogs?: The Good News

You may have a dog as a pet and probably want to add a mantis to the picture, but you have been wondering: Are praying mantis dangerous to dogs?

What if one day your dog decides to devour its new friend, probably after a heated argument? Lol!

We have good news, though, and as you read this informative article, you will come to discover that the praying mantis is just as loveable and safe as a dog!


Are Praying Mantis Dangerous To Dogs?

Are praying mantis dangerous to dogs? No, they are not. Having a praying mantis and a dog as pets is not actually a bad idea; however, there might be issues at first introduction.

A praying mantis will definitely bite if it feels threatened, but this bite is not something to worry about.

The praying mantis is able to grab its prey with its powerful mouthparts. This mouthpart is not powerful enough to puncture the skin of humans or even pets.

When a praying mantis bites a dog, the following symptoms may erupt:

  • Redness of the bite area.
  • Swelling around the bite area.
  • Discomfort.

In all of this, there is no need to be alarmed, though, as the bite may probably heal on its own along the line.


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Can Dogs Eat Praying Mantis?

Are Praying Mantis Dangerous To Dogs
Picture of Praying Mantis and Dog Trying to Bond

Yes, it may happen that your dog eats a praying mantis, and you are worried if there will be any serious consequences. We promise you that nothing will happen to your dog.

In the course of playing with its new friend, your dog may devour the mantis, but are praying mantis dangerous to dogs even after being devoured? The answer is no.

The worst that could happen to your dog could probably be stomach pain as a result of swallowing the mantis without chewing on the saw-like claws.

However, this is only a mild symptom and should be over in a bit. Praying mantises are non-venomous; hence, they will not cause any serious consequences if consumed by your pet dog.


What to Do if My Dog Eats Praying Mantis

Are praying mantis dangerous to dogs? Well, we have now established the fact that the praying mantis is not dangerous to dogs, but in cases where your dog swallows the mantis, what do you do?

Since the sharp claws on the devoured mantis may hurt the intestine of your dog, we advise that you add fiber, such as canned pumpkin puree, to its diet, as this will speed up the digestion process.


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Is Mantis Safe for Pets?

Yes, mantis is safe for pets, as they can generally be handled safely. Even though these pets are aggressive hunters and may bite if they feel threatened, they make good pets and are safe.


Is Praying Mantis Poisonous?

No, the praying mantis is not poisonous. Despite their size and scary appearance, these insects are not poisonous and do not contain any form of venom that may cause harm to humans.


What if My Dog Ate a Praying Mantis?

If your dog ate a praying mantis, you do not have to be worried, as these insects are not venomous or poisonous.

However, the only thing you should be worried about is the pain in your dog’s intestine as a result of the sharp spikes on the limbs of the devoured mantis.



Are praying mantis dangerous to dogs? Well, after reading this informative article, we can now boldly say that the praying mantis is very safe around your pet dog.

Dogs are curious pets and may want to have a taste of their new playmate. It is a bad habit, but it is not something that should alarm you, as the praying mantis is not a toxic insect.

Has your pet dog ever eaten a praying mantis? What did you do? Let us know your experience via the comments section below!

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