Are There Termites In New York?: Can They Adapt To The Cold Climate?

Why are there termites in New York State? People often ask this question because they feel that the cold climate of this state will not allow termites to survive.

Shockingly, one termite species has gone against all odds to adapt to this climate and cause infestation damage to households.

Do you know this termite? Well, let us now find out its name below!


Are there Termites in New York State?

Are there termites in New York State? Yes, there are termites in the city. People often believe that termites are not capable of surviving in New York due to the cold climate conditions, but some species of termites have actually adapted.

You will definitely find termite activity across the state of New York, from Long Island down to Albany.


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What are the Types of Termites In New York State?

Are There Termites In New York
Picture of the Eastern Subterranean Termite

We mentioned that the climate in New York State is quite unfavorable for termites, however, one termite species has the ability to survive this weather condition and has adapted greatly to it.

This termite species is none other than the Eastern subterranean termite, and they are capable of causing damage to your property if they are not controlled.


When Do Termites In New York Swarm?

  • Eastern Subterranean Termite:

These termites usually swarm from March through May during the day.

  • Dark Southeastern Subterranean Termite:

These termites usually swarm from March through June during the day.


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What are the Signs of Termites In New York?

When your home is being infested by termites in New York, it can really be a great ordeal, and this is why it is important to look out for signs of their activities before it is too late.

Below are signs of termites in New York State:

  • Mud Tubes:

The subterranean termites in New York usually construct these tubes to protect them from the dehydration caused by the air. They then use the tubes to travel from their colony to a potential food source.

  • Hollow-Sound From Wood:

Another sign of termites in New York is the hollow sound that comes when you tap the wood. This sign signifies empty spaces in the wood caused by termite activity.

  • Translucent Termite Wings:

Termites swarm after rainfall and permanently discard their wings. These wings are a sign of termite activity in your structure.

  • Termite Frass:

Frass is the name used to refer to termite droppings. They are usually small and have wood colors. Seeing this close to your wooden structure is a sign of an ongoing termite infestation.

After noticing the above signs, to prevent the spread of termites around your home, it is important that you contact professional pest control experts to help get rid of these pests.


How To Prevent Termites In New York State

  • Do well to fix plumbing leaks, as termites are drawn to moisture.
  • Purchase a dehumidifier from Amazon to control the rate of moisture in your basements.
  • Create a gap between the foundation of your building and the soil/mulch.
  • Eliminate wood piles or firewood from your property.
  • Regularly inspect your home for termite activity or even hire the services of pest control experts so that you are not caught off guard.


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Because of the cold climate of New York State, you would wonder: Why are there termites in New York State, despite the unfavorable climate?

Well, one termite species has gone against all odds to adapt to this climate and cause infestation damage to households.

What was the name of this termite from the article above? Let us know your answer via the comments section below!

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