Baby Silverfish Bug: Identification & The Dangers Of Housing This Pest

It is certain that, as adults, these pests are safe to have around and cause no harm to humans, but what makes the baby silverfish bug stand out?

Why are people interested in knowing more about them? Probably something about them, I suppose.

Let us now find out ways to identify the silverfish bug baby as well as their possible feeding patterns that make them pests and unsafe to have around.


What Does a Baby Silverfish Bug Look Like?

Baby Silverfish Bug
Baby Silverfish Bug Pictures

It is important to know what a pest looks like in order to properly identify it and carry out proper control and prevention methods on your property.

When properly observed with a lens, you will discover that the baby silverfish bug is usually whitish in color and pretty small, about 0.5 of an inch in length.

When the silver fish eggs hatch, they emerge as nymphs. These nymphs are usually without scales and develop within several months.

Molting is important in the silverfish stages of growth and will happen until they mature into full-grown adults.

Just like their adult counterparts, the silverfish nymphs consume food sources containing protein and starch. If you read our last article on the silverfish in New York, you’ll get to know more about their diet (link below).


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How Long Does a Silverfish Baby Bug Live?

The growth of certain insects and even pests usually depends on the environmental conditions surrounding them, as this plays a major role in their maturity speed.

In warmer temperatures, the baby silverfish bug tends to mature more quickly than when it is in colder temperate places. They even have a longer lifespan when they live in warm, temperate places.

Silverfish generally live for 3 years on average and you will usually find them in laundry rooms where the temperature is humid.


What are the Signs of Silverfish Bug Baby in the Home?

  • Damaged Books:

Starch makes a great part of the baby silverfish bug’s diet and books are rich in starch. If you see any tears or chewing marks on your books then you are likely dealing with a silverfish infestation.

  • Live Baby Silverfish Bug:

Although it is almost impossible to sight a baby silverfish bug due to their small sizes and appearance. If you eventually spot one, then this could be a sign of a pending infestation.

  • Yellow-like Stains:

When silverfish baby bugs feed on fabric fiber or linen, they usually leave behind yellow stains. This could be an indicator of an infestation.

If you spot any of the above signs then you are probably under attack from these tiny pests.


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How Do Baby Silverfish Bug Enter the House?

Baby Silverfish Bug
They Can Access Your Home Through Drains

The silverfish is able to enter the house due to its swift movements and ability to slip through gaps and cracks. Below are possible passageways through which silverfish baby bugs can enter the house:

  •  Cracks and crevices
  • Windows
  • Underneath doors
  • Pipes
  • Drains, etc

You will notice that these bugs are mostly found in bathrooms, laundry rooms, restaurants, etc., as these places are humid, and provide them with humid temperatures and increased levels of moisture.

These bugs will usually thrive better in dark and humid places, especially where steam is being generated.


Do Baby Silverfish Bug Bite?

Do baby silverfish bug bite? Well, it is safe to know that these bugs are not a threat to humans and there seems to be no need for control, however, allowing these pests to thrive will only lead to an increase in their population.

Another problem with these pests in the home is their destructive methods of feeding. They will consume paper, cereals, pet food, dried beef, etc., and this makes them unsafe to have around.

You will also find these invasive pests in restaurants, as we earlier mentioned probably feeding on pantries, and in storage facilities where you’d find them chewing through paper-like materials.

Even though they do not cause harm to humans, getting rid of these pests is critical as they could chew through important documents which could cause great losses for you.


How To Control Baby Silverfish Bugs?

  • You can purchase a dehumidifier from Amazon and use this device in your basements to reduce the moisture level, hence making it less inviting for baby silverfish bugs.
  • Ensure to seal cracks and crevices to reduce possible entry points.
  • A clean gutter will reduce possible hiding spots and, hence reduce their population in your vicinity.
  • Regular cleaning is essential to reduce any pest population.
  • Fix plumb leaks as this is a big step in controlling the humidity level in your home


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Ensuring that the population of adults is at a minimum will surely reduce the population of baby silverfish bugs as well.

Though harmless, their increased population can cause more harm than good to your common household materials (paper, photo albums, cereals, etc).

Do you have further questions about the baby silverfish bugs? Feel free to drop them via the comments section provided below!

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