Bed Bugs Bay Area: What You Did Not Know About These Bugs

Bed bugs Bay Area infestation is quite obnoxious, as the homeowners may not even know of their presence until they have probably spread across almost every area of the structure.

This may be due to carelessness sometimes by the residents, but this is not always the case. This is why bed bug treatment san Francisco is very important for the residents of this area.

Let us now describe the San Francisco bed bug in this top-pick article.


Description of Bed Bugs Bay Area

Bed bugs bay area are quite sneaky in that most residents are not even aware of an infestation until after these bugs have spread and made a mark in the home.

Bed bugs are known for being capable of a lot of habits and one of them involves their quick procreation and the number of eggs that they are capable of laying within a short period of time.

Bed bugs, unlike other pests, are not capable of causing any disease transmission or sickness of any sort. As shocking as this may sound, this is actually true of the bed bugs.

Bed bugs are only interested in human blood and do not feed on anything besides that. Mosquitoes will feed on blood from any source; ticks will feed on hosts that are not humans, but not bed bugs, as they have a strict diet routine.


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Description of Bay Area Bed Bugs Bite

Definitely, all bed bugs bite, and the Bay Area bed bugs San Francisco are not an exception. Bed bug bites are not like those of other bugs (pests), and you can refer to their bites as safe bites.

Bed bug bites do not contain any venom and will not cause any serious reactions after the bite. They only come to feed off your blood and then go back into hiding in the seams of your mattresses.

Bed bug bites are also painless. In fact, when bed bugs want to bite, they inject anticoagulants into the bite area to thin your blood, which ensures that you do not feel the bite.

Anticoagulants are medicines that help prevent blood clots. They’re given to people at a high risk of getting clots, to reduce their chances of developing serious conditions such as strokes and heart attacks.

From the definition of what anticoagulants are, you should now have an idea of what the bed bugs are actually trying to do when biting you and why you do not feel the pain while they are biting or even after they are done.

They ensure that you are asleep, as your skin notifying you of their presence could trigger you to hit the bite area, hence, leading to their demise.


What are the Signs Of a Bay Area Bed Bug?

Before we mention the signs of these bed bugs in San Francisco, we should describe them so that you know what they look like and what to look out for:

  • Bed bugs have small, round heads.
  • They have 6 legs (as do all insects).
  • They have a ball-shaped tail.
  • They have 2 antennae
  • They have reddish-brown skin colors
  • Their size averages 0.25 inches

Bed bugs usually lay eggs that are grain-like and milky white in color. When they emerge from their eggs they are usually translucent (clear enough to allow light to pass through)

Now that we know what bed bugs look like, we will now mention the signs of these bugs in the house:

  • You begin to notice bite marks on your body
  • Bed bugs give off stale smells. When they are present, you will definitely sense this smell.
  • Bed bug feces.
  • Blood stains
  • Live bed bugs. Spotting a bed bug in your home is a sure sign of a pending bed bug infestation.


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Why You Should Get Rid of Bed Bugs Bay Area

Bed Bugs Bay Area
Bed Bugs Can Cause Sleepless Nights

As we have mentioned earlier, bed bugs are harmless pests in the sense that they are not venomous, their bites are painless, and they do not cause any disease or sicknesses.

However, it is important to get rid of these bugs as they may cause the following:

  • Sleepless Nights:

In one of our previous articles about bed bugs, we mentioned this. Most people tend to become very cautious and maybe too aware of bed bug activity in their homes so they lose their will to sleep.

This is bad because not being able to sleep at night can cause:

    • Depression
    • Stress
    • Fatigue
    • Lack of concentration, etc
  • Bite Marks:

Although bed bug bites do not cause any pain or sicknesses whatsoever, they tend to leave you with bite marks that swell and cause itchiness. Constant itching of the bite area will cause it to open and place you at risk of infections.


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Bed bugs Bay Area are just like ay regular bed bugs. Bed bugs in this area can be very sneaky, though, as the homeowners may not even know of an infestation until it has actually spread widely.

Do you live in Bay Area? What do you think of the bed bugs in this area? Do let us know your thoughts on this via the comments section below!

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