Can Bed Bugs Crawl On Plastic Garbage Bags?

Bed bugs have been known to infest with different climbing and crawling abilities, but can bed bugs crawl on plastic garbage bags?

Plastic garbage bags have provided a sense of protection against these bugs, as their use in the right way can prevent the spread of bed bugs across the home.

Using it in the right way is also undebatable. Is a plastic bag, however, a bad choice? Can bed bugs crawl on a plastic bag? Let us find out in the article below!


Why Is It Important To Use Plastic Garbage Bags?

Can Bed Bugs Crawl On Plastic Garbage Bags
Plastic Garbage Bags Are Important For Bed Bug Control Treatments

The use of plastic garbage bags to curb the spread of bed bugs has proven to be essential and has had a bit of an effect on bed bug control.

This method is not basically to kill the bed bugs per se, but it is an important step when carrying out bed bug control treatments in a structure as it helps to keep the bugs from spreading all over the place.

This method is more useful if you are certain of a bed bug infestation in your clothes or laundry. You can safely transport the bed bugs from that spot to the dryer without necessarily spreading them to other rooms in your structure.

To do this the right way, follow these steps:

  1. Gather the suspected infested clothes in a heap.
  2. Purchase a plastic garbage bag from Amazon.
  3. Pack the clothes into the plastic garbage bag.
  4. Ensure that the plastic bag is well sealed, as bed bugs can crawl on plastic garbage bags.
  5. Now take the plastic bag to your washing machine/dryer.
  6. Open the seal and throw the heaps into the washer without removing them from the bag. This is to prevent any bed bugs from sticking to the bag when the clothes have been removed.
  7. Turn on your washer.
  8. You can now safely remove the plastic garbage bag and dispose of it.

Note that the packing of the clothes into the plastic bag must be done on the spot. Moving with the clothes will only further the spread of these bugs to other areas of your house.

The plastic garbage bag can also be used to store new clothes that have not been exposed to bed bug infestation. This way, crawling bed bugs will be denied access to the clothes.


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Can Bed Bugs Crawl on Plastic Garbage Bags?

Can bed bugs crawl on plastic garbage bags? Yes, bed bugs can crawl on plastic garbage bags, but this is dependent on certain factors surrounding the bag.

It may depend on the type of plastic garbage bag, the temperature of the room in which the garbage bag is being placed, and the condition of the plastic garbage bag.


Why Can Bed Bugs Crawl on Plastic Garbage Bags Surfaces?

As mentioned earlier, this is dependent on 3 important factors. Below are factors that make bed bugs crawling on plastic bags a possibility:

  • The Condition of the Plastic Garbage Bag:

The condition of the bag is an important factor. If you use a bag that has openings, no matter how small the holes are, bed bugs will definitely find a way to crawl in.

It is good that you inspect the plastic bag before using it, as this will enable you to spot the flaws in the bag and prevent you from using it.

  • The Type of Plastic Garbage Bag:
Can Bed Bugs Crawl On Plastic Garbage Bags
The Quality of the Plastic Bag Also Matters

Can bed bugs crawl on plastic garbage bags? We earlier said yes to this, but you should know that it is dependent on the plastic bag type. Not all plastic bags will give bed bugs a suitable surface to crawl on.

Before purchasing a plastic bag, you must therefore check the quality of the plastic. Smooth plastic surfaces will ensure difficult climbing for bed bugs, but rough surfaces won’t.

If you want to buy a plastic bag that is less susceptible to bed bugs, now you know what to look out for.

  • The Temperature Surrounding the Plastic Bag:

Unlike animals that are warm-blooded, insects are cold-blooded, and the bed bug is not an exception. Being warm-blooded implies that the temperature surrounding them will definitely affect their movements.

If the plastic garbage bag is therefore placed in a room with (or is surrounded by) a temperature that is well below or above what they can withstand, they certainly will not be able to crawl on the plastic bag.


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How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Crawling

Can bed bugs crawl on plastic garbage bags surfaces, and can they be prevented? Yes, and yes. Bed bugs can definitely climb on a plastic garbage bag, but this can be prevented.

Even from the above information, we have definitely tipped you off on ways to prevent these bugs from crawling up your plastic bag. For further emphasis, below are suitable ways to prevent bed bugs from crawling on your garbage bags:

  • Plastic Bags Should Be Sealed:

Bed bugs will jump at any slight chance they see to infest. An opened plastic garbage bag is like an open check for them. It looks somewhat like an invitation.

Ensure that you seal your plastic garbage bags to prevent bed bugs from entering or leaving the bag.

  • Inspection:

Inspecting the plastic bag must be done before and after using it. Before using the bag, do well to check for tears or holes on the bag, as these are passageways for bed bugs to enter.

Even after using the bag, frequent inspection is necessary, as humans can be careless sometimes.

  • Use Bags With Smooth Surfaces:

This was mentioned among the factors that enable bed bugs to crawl on a plastic bag. Rough-surfaced plastic bags will only make crawling easy for the bugs, but plastic bags with smooth surfaces will ensure a difficult climb for them.

Hence, it is important that you always consider the quality of a plastic bag before purchasing it.


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FAQ’s About Bed Bugs Crawling On Plastic Garbage Bags

Can You Suffocate Bed Bugs?

Yes, it is possible to suffocate bed bugs. Even though bed bugs are capable of surviving for a long period of time without food and water, these bugs cannot survive for long without air.



Can bed bugs crawl on plastic garbage bags? Yes, bed bugs can indeed crawl on plastic bag surfaces, but this is only dependent on certain factors, which we have explained above.

Bed bugs are sneaky insects and are capable of infesting at any given opportunity. The use of plastic bags is an important step in curbing these pests.

However, not using the plastic bag properly will only further the spread of these bugs across the different rooms in your structure.

Do you know of any additional factors that may enhance the crawling abilities of bed bugs on plastic garbage bags? Do let us know via the comments section below!

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