Can New Furniture Have Bed Bugs?

Can new furniture have bed bugs? well, there is always a possibility of bed bugs being in second-hand furniture but the chances of having them in new furniture is what we want to find out now.

Bed bugs can be very disastrous, as they tend to infest at very quick rates. Is it possible, though, for new furniture to be infested with bed bugs? Let us now find out.


Can New Furniture Have Bed Bugs?

Normally, there is a very high possibility of having bed bugs in second-hand furniture, as they may have already been infested even before getting to you, the buyer.

It is sometimes the fault of the seller, as most of them fail to scan through the furniture for bed bugs. This is always to the detriment of the buyers.

But can new furniture have bed bugs? Yes, this is very possible, as nothing seems to be impossible with these pesky pests.

You may be wondering how it is even possible for bed bugs to infest new furniture. Well, we have taken our time to list and explain below the possible ways and reasons new furniture can have bed bugs.


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How Can New Furniture Have Bed Bugs?

  • Warehouses and Showrooms:
Can New Furniture Have Bed Bugs
The Warehouse Where These Furniture is Kept May Also Be Infested

This one seems rather impossible, right? How is it possible that there will be bed bugs in a warehouse or showroom that sells new furniture? Well, these new pieces of furniture are exposed to people and these people may have bed bugs.

I believe you get where this is going.

As we mentioned earlier, nothing is impossible for these bugs, as it only takes a few bed bugs from a customer to cause a massive infestation on new furniture.

Imagine that this furniture is not sold and is moved back to the warehouse. Yes, you guessed right; the rest of the new furniture also gets infested, and then one begins to wonder how they even came in.

It is always advisable for sellers to clean and inspect their furniture for any sign of bed bugs, as it may end up being sold to an innocent customer, starting an infestation in his/her home.

  • Customer Returns:

Customers are sometimes given the freedom to return furniture that they are not satisfied with. Imagine someone with a bed bug infestation.

He takes it to his/her house and is probably not satisfied with it, then he immediately takes it back to where it was sold. The amazing thing about bed bugs is their quick infestation rates.

All these bugs require is just a little time and your new furniture will be infested. Now you take it back to where you bought it from and it’s being returned to the warehouse.

Of course, just like we mentioned in our first point, the same applies here. These bugs will move to other furniture in the warehouse and now you have an infestation.

  • Deliveries:

Now some people have their new furniture delivered to them from the companies. I’m not saying it is a bad choice, as it tends to make things a bit easier but bed bugs tend to infest new furniture this way.

For instance, the truck in which the new furniture is being loaded may also be carrying old, infested furniture. Bed bugs will readily slip into your new furniture.

There is no guarantee that there are no bed bugs in the delivery truck but what can you do about this?


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Where To Buy New Furniture That Do Not Have Bed Bugs



Can new furniture have bed bugs? well, we have discovered now that it may sometimes not be the company’s fault as these bugs tend to secretly find their way into furniture.

It is always advisable to:

  • Ask questions
  • Check the truck when your furniture is being delivered

Having conversations with the delivery drivers will also help you know if you are buying an infestation into your home. Thank you for reading!

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