Can Peroxide Kill Bed Bugs?: Product Safety & Effectiveness

Here you will find out that this product is effective as a disinfectant to prevent bacteria and clean wound cuts, but can peroxide kill bed bugs?

Even though we will be finding out the potency of this product and how effective it can be against bed bugs, you will come to realize that this product may not be safe for use in eliminating these pests.


What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Can Peroxide Kill Bed Bugs
A Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide (Picture)

So as kids how many of us remember our parents applying some kind of disinfectant to antiseptic to our wounds whenever we were injured while playing? Well, I do remember and it was always a dreadful moment.

That antiseptic or disinfectant that was applied to your cut or bruise is known as hydrogen peroxide. Now most of us would think then that this was a punishment by our parents for playing roughly or not being careful, but it was merely to protect the cuts from bacteria while keeping the cut area clean.

How then can peroxide kill bed bugs? well, this particular question must have come up as a result of people relating bed bugs to dirty (or unkept) places as many feel that applying this disinfectant will keep the infested area clean, hence getting rid of the bed bugs.

Before proceeding to answer this question we would like to correct the impression that bed bugs being attracted to dirty places is false information.

If you had read our previous article on bed bugs and new furniture (link below), you would realize that these bugs are not after dirt but human blood. Clean or dirty, as long as there are humans these bugs will come.


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Can Peroxide Kill Bed Bugs?

Now to the main question, can peroxide kill bed bugs? If your answer is yes then you are correct. Peroxide can kill bed bugs but only if applied directly on the bed bugs.

This method of eliminating bed bugs is not as effective as it sounds and will not help you get rid of an infestation in your home. It will only eliminate the bed bug present at the moment but what about the ones that are hiding? so you see!


How Effective Can Peroxide Kill Bed Bugs?

Yes, we have now established the fact that hydrogen peroxide does kill bed bugs but how effective is it in killing these bugs?

Above we mentioned that this method is not as effective as thought to be as it will only kill bed bugs if applied directly to them.

The peroxide is effective though against clothes, blankets, carpets, etc. And will bleach these items if applied to them carelessly.

Peroxide is not really the overall best method to get rid of bed bugs as there are many defects to it. How safe is it even? Let us find out below.


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Is it Safe To Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Kill Bed Bugs?

The risk that you face from using peroxide against bed bugs is actually worse than the infestation itself as this method poses a great danger to the health of its users and household members.

Below are the effects of peroxide if used carelessly:

  • It can damage your lungs.
  • If inhaled it can lead to respiratory irritation (inflammation).
  • It can cause chemical burns on the skin of the user.
  • It can cause irritation (burning sensation) to the eye. If you have used this method before then you definitely have experienced this one.


Where To Buy Hydrogen Peroxide


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After reading this article we have come to discover that even though peroxide can kill bed bugs (that is, when applied directly to them), it is not a safe method for getting rid of these pests.

Though effective, this disinfectant poses great risks to you, members of your household, and even your pets. Your clothes, blankets, and even your carpets are not safe too as they will get bleached from careless use of this product.

There are other safer ways to eliminate bed bugs, and you can even make things easier by contacting well-known pest control experts (such as ourselves) to help eliminate these pests.

Do you have further questions on this matter? Do you think there are safer ways to use the peroxide against bed bugs? Let us know in the comment section below!

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