Comfortable Spaces For Your Pet Dog

Do you know the comfortable spaces for your pet dog? Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, they’ll need a special safe space of their own in your home.

Just like us humans, dogs sometimes need a bit of space to decompress or lie back and relax, and knowing they have a comfy space to retreat to will help your dog feel safe and happy in your home.

Here are some tips for creating a comfortable dog space.


Location, location, location

As with house hunting, when it comes to your dog’s special space, the location is key. You need to think strategically about where you’re going to create your dog’s space and be sure to keep it away from heavy foot traffic areas where they’ll be frequently disturbed, and away from loud noises such as TVs, washing machines or kids playing. You should also make sure it’s away from cold draughts and any potential hazards like trailing cables or wires or staircases. 


Comfortable Spaces For Your Pet Dog


Do you need a dog room?

Some people have a whole room in their home that is dedicated to their dog/s, doubling up their utility room or using the unused space under their staircase. You could also use a spare room or conservatory as a dog room.

A dog room is perfect if your dog is prone to mischief when left home alone or if they come back from walks wet and muddy and you don’t want them jumping on the furniture until they’ve been bathed and dried. A dog room can also work well for dogs who get stressed about visitors, as it gives them a safe space to retreat to when people call. However, a dog room isn’t essential so if you’re limited on space, you can simply dedicate a corner of your living room or another room in your house to your dog instead.


What to include

The main thing to include is somewhere for your pet to rest and sleep, such as a luxury dog bed. Dogs who have been crate trained might enjoy spending time in their crate and sleep better in it because they feel secure, particularly if they’re nervous or the household is busy.

As well as a soft comfortable bed, you may want to include blankets to help keep your dog warm in the winter months or a cooling mat to help them stay comfortable during hot weather.

Your dog’s food and water bowls should be somewhere practical, where it’s easy to keep them clean and topped up with fresh water and where they won’t be disturbed or surprised by passers-by or interrupted when eating. You should also include toys to help keep your dog mentally stimulated and avoid boredom, which can lead to destructive behaviours like chewing furniture or shoes.

Chew toys are ideal but if your dog is prone to destroying toys, be sure to buy the sturdiest toys possible and supervise them when playing to ensure they don’t break off any small parts which could be a choking hazard or cause problems if ingested.

You might also want to consider the type of flooring you have in your dog’s space and whether it will be easy to keep clean and fur-free to reduce the risk of fleas. If your dog will be left alone while you’re out, you might also want to install safety gates and surveillance, such as a dog camera so you can check in and see what your four-legged friend is up to while you’re away.

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