Dengue Fever: Threats Imposed on Health and Preventive Measures

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Do you have dengue fever? On the off chance that you realize you have dengue fever, stay away from additional mosquito chomps in the main 7-day stretch of the ailment.

During this time the infection can flow in the blood and you can subsequently spread the infection to new uninfected mosquitoes, which thus can contaminate others, “cautions the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dengue ought to be suspected if high fever (104 ° F) is joined by two of the accompanying manifestations during the fever stage: serious migraine, torment behind the eyes, muscle and joint torment, sickness, spewing, enlarged organs, rash.

Dengue Fever

The vicinity of mosquito vector rearing destinations to human local locations is a significant danger factor for dengue fever, just as for different illnesses that are sent by the Aedes mosquito. The WHO suggests the accompanying measures.

• Prevent mosquitoes from getting to egg-laying natural surroundings through ecological administration and alteration

• Properly discard strong waste and eliminate counterfeit, man-made living spaces that can hold water

• Cover, channel, and clean homegrown boiling water tanks week by week; Apply fitting bug sprays to outside water stockpiling tanks.

• Use individual assurance, for example, window bars, repellants, bug spray treated materials, curls, and vaporizers around the house. These actions should be followed both inside and outside the home during the day as the essential mosquito vectors nibble for the duration of the day.

• Wear clothing that will limit skin openness to mosquitoes.

• Engage with the local area to build cooperation and preparation for maintainable vector control.

• Spray insect poisons as a crisis vector control measure.

• Actively screen vector plenitude and species synthesis to decide the viability of control measures.


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Dengue Fever Video

Below is an explanatory video on pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of dengue fever.

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