Do Spiders Feed On Bed Bugs?: The Alternative Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed bug control may be costly and has moved most people to employ or rely on the services of spiders, but do spiders feed on bed bugs?

If you are one of the people with these thoughts, you will find out in the article below that there are certain factors to be considered if you want to alternate spiders for pest control services.

What are these factors? What are the risks involved? Do spiders feed on bed bugs? Let’s now answer this question together!


Do Spiders Feed on Bed Bugs?

Yes, spiders do feed on bed bugs. However, this depends on 2 factors, which are:

  1. The size of the spider
  2. The hunting method of the spider

The big spiders may ignore the bed bugs to hunt for rather larger prey, while the smaller spiders, on the other hand, may not be able to feed on bed bugs because of their size differences.

Most people are after the idea of getting rid of bed bugs with natural enemies such as spiders, but most of these spider species may do you more harm than good, as they may even bite you in the process.

As a matter of fact, almost every spider species will bite you, so it is best to avoid them, as there are other safer ways to get rid of bed bugs.


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What are the Spiders that Feed on Bed Bugs?

  • Thanatus Flavidus:
Do Spiders Feed On Bed Bugs
Picture of the Thanatus Flavidus

Of all the spider species that we will be mentioning here, Thanatus flavidus is the most promising, as it seems to be a great alternative to bed bug exterminators.

Although this spider species hunts bed bugs and does not spin webs, you will need about 20 to 30 of them in your house to properly eliminate bed bugs.

These spider species are native to Eastern Europe, where they occur naturally.

  • Wolf Spiders:
Do Spiders Feed On Bed Bugs
Picture of the Wolf Spider

The wolf spider is another common spider that feeds on bed bugs. Just like Thanatus Flavidus, the wolf spider hunts its prey and does not wait for the prey to come to it.

  • Running Crab Spiders:
Do Spiders Feed On Bed Bugs
Picture of the Running Crab Spider

The running crab spider is another spider that feeds on bed bugs. These spiders are yellow-brown in color and small, but do not let their small size deceive you.

Their hunting method is quite different from that of the 2 previously mentioned spiders, as they wait for their prey to come to them.

They will usually lurk behind trees and plants and pounce on unsuspecting insects that pass by.  Their speed is their ultimate advantage.

  • Yellow Sac Spiders:
Do Spiders Feed On Bed Bugs
Picture of the Yellow Sac Spider

Another spider on the list is the yellow sac spider. As we mentioned, size is a factor when considering the question: do spiders feed on bed bugs? The yellow sac spider is large and can easily prey on the bed bug.

You will often find them hiding under the furniture or under leaves or stones, awaiting unsuspecting prey.

  • Cobweb Spiders:
Do Spiders Feed On Bed Bugs
Picture of the Cobweb Spider

The cobweb spider also feeds on bed bugs, but unlike the other hunters, they will often construct webbed nests in dark areas and wait for an unsuspecting bed bug.

Even though these spiders will help eliminate your bed bug problem, they are poisonous, and you may have to deal with them later on.


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Do Spiders Feed On Bed Bugs FAQs

Do Spiders Get in Your Bed?

Yes, spiders get in your bed as well as other areas of your house. Spiders are not going to respect your bed because you sleep on it; however, you can apply Essential oils from Amazon to keep them away.


What is the Natural Enemy of Bed Bugs?

The natural enemies of bed bugs include the following:

  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Masked bed bug hunters
  • Pharaoh ants, etc



Do spiders feed on bed bugs? Yes, but using spiders to get rid of bed bugs is not a sure guarantee, as the spiders may not even consider the presence of the bed bugs (reasons stated in the article above).

The best and most guaranteed way to get rid of bed bugs permanently is to hire the services of pest control experts. These experts will be targeting the pest (bed bugs), while the spiders may not have a specific target focus.

Do you still think spiders are the best bet for eliminating bed bugs in the house? Let us know your thoughts on this via the comments section provided below!

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