Do Termites Like Light Or Dark?: Think Like A Termite

Due to the varying behavioral patterns of termites in terms of their surrounding environment, I have always wondered: Do termites like light or dark?

Termites are generally known to thrive in moist and dark habitats, but at the same time, we also see them swarming towards light sources.

Which one of these sources do they prefer, light or dark? Let us now find out!


Do Termites Like Light Or Dark?

Do Termites Like Light Or Dark
Termite Swarm

Do termites like light or dark? From my research, I discovered that most termite species are blind and tend to thrive more in the dark since it plays a major role in their survival.

As a matter of fact, light affects their movement pattern and may confuse the termites. However, we all know that termites swarm mostly towards light sources, but this does not mean that they prefer light over the dark.

You may ask, since they love to swarm towards (or around) light sources, do termites like light or dark? Termites like the dark and will readily pick moist and dark places over places with light.


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Are Termites Scared of Light?

No, termites are not scared of light and mostly fly towards light sources during the swarming season. You will usually see them swarming towards the following light sources:


Do Termites Like Dark?

Yes, termites would always pick dark and moist places over lit places, as they are blind and tend to thrive in the dark and feel more secure in these dark places.

You may think that lighting up every area of your home will keep these pests away. However, this will only push them deeper into their hiding, hence making it difficult to spot them.


What Time of Day are Termites Most Active?

Termites are most active in the morning and early evening hours when the humidity level in the soil is higher. From spring to fall, you will find that these termites are most active, depending on the termite species.


Why Do Termites Fly Around Lights?

Termites fly around lights because it tends to help them find their way, even though the light may confuse their system of navigation.


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Do termites like light or dark? Well, termites have been known to like dark and moist places, but at the same time, we still see them flying towards light sources during the swarm season.

So which of these are they attracted to? Light or dark? If you carefully read through this article, you know the answer to this question.

Do you have further questions regarding this article topic? Do feel free to drop them via the comments section provided below!

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