Egyptian Gold Scorpion: Top Useful Care Tips To Avoid Being Stung

People have housed various pets, from the less dangerous dogs to the most dangerous snakes, but is the Egyptian Gold Scorpion even to be considered?

If you own this scorpion, avoiding getting stung is a priority, as their stings can be quite painful and often accompanied by severe symptoms.

Below are useful information and care tips for your pet Egyptian Gold Scorpion.


What Does the Egyptian Gold Scorpion Look Like?

Egyptian Gold Scorpion
Picture Depicting What the Egyptian Gold Scorpion Looks Like

The Egyptian gold scorpion, of course, from its name, has a golden and shiny yellow appearance. This scorpion usually measures 2 to 3.4 inches, which is quite small.

They are native to the Middle East and are known to be swift and quite thick. They are also famous for their ability to burrow sandy roils in rocky areas.


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How Effective is the Egyptian Gold Scorpion Venom?

If Egyptian gold scorpions ever feel threatened, they are likely to defend themselves by stinging or grabbing you with their rounded pincers. This is why it is advisable not to handle them at all.

The Egyptian gold scorpion venom is the reason why this gold scorpion is not to be carelessly handled by just anyone.

They can deliver painful stings, which may come along with symptoms that will require medical intervention. This is why they must only be handled by professional collectors.


How To Care for Your Pet Egyptian Gold Scorpion

When you want to make a habitat (terrarium in this case) for your pet scorpion, you must ensure it resembles their natural habitat. That is, it must have things that will make them comfortable as if it were their natural habitat.

  • This new habitat should be mostly composed of sand, as Egyptian gold scorpions like to burrow. The depth of the sand should be about 3 to 4 inches.
  • Also, to make it more real, place small flat rocks in the terrarium so that these scorpions can hide when they want to.
  • A not-so-shallow water dish is also required in the tank. This can be purchased directly from Amazon.

Most scorpion species do not live together and may end up fighting each other to death, and the gold scorpion is one of these species.

To prevent them from killing each other, you can ensure that they are properly fed. This way, they do not need to compete for food or territory.


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What is the Food Requirement of the Egyptian Gold Scorpion?

Since these scorpions are in an enclosed space, feeding them should be quite easy, as they will possibly eat any food thrown at them within this enclosed space.

Among other insects, the best food sources for your pet Egyptian gold scorpions are the following:

  • Gut loaded crickets
  • Gut loaded mealworms

Do you know what gut loaded insects are? Well, let me break it down for you:

  • The prey insects are fed with nutritious food.
  • The prey insects are given off to the gold scorpion to be devoured.
  • The nutrients from the prey insect are now passed on to the scorpion.

It is also important that you feed your pet gold scorpion at least 3 to 4 times a week to ensure that they stay healthy. And if they are sharing a tank, you would be avoiding them fighting to the death.

Having a fat scorpion does not mean it is healthy, and having a skinny one also does not mean that. We, therefore, stress the importance of monitoring your pet’s feeding routine to ensure their longevity.

Also note that, while younger pet gold scorpions require to be fed continuously, older scorpions do not require this much food.

Ensure that their drinking bowls are clean too.


What is the Tank Requirement of the Egyptian Gold Scorpion?

  • Ensure that the tank is wide enough for your pet Egyptian gold scorpion to freely roam.
  • Before opening the lid of the tank, ensure that you already know where your gold scorpion(s) is to prevent it (them) from climbing out.


What is the Heat & Lighting Requirement for the Egyptian Gold Scorpion?

  • Place a heating pad underneath a part of the tank to create a balanced heat spread across the tank.
  • Special lighting is not required in the tank since they are nocturnal (mostly active at night).

Speaking of light, avoid black lights, as the ultraviolet rays from this light can be quite dangerous for your pet gold scorpion.


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Keeping an Egyptian gold scorpion is not a bad idea, but housing them would require your utmost commitment to ensure their longevity and that they stay healthy.

Also, note that these scorpions are not your regular pets and will sting you if handled improperly. We advise you not to even handle them; instead, leave them for professionals.

Would you love to own one of these scorpions? What plans have you made towards this? Let us know via the comments section below; who knows, we may help you with useful tips.

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