Essential Things to Buy When Bringing Home A Kitten

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Having a pet in your house is a great experience. Your pet is a great companion of yours. Some people like dogs and some people love to have a cat as a pet.

Taking care of a cat is not as easy as it looks. It would be best to take care of every need of your cat, so it also likes staying with you. Bringing in a cat can be a worrisome thought at first as most people don’t know what things to buy for the cat. The essentials things to buy, like food, dishes, a crate for them to stay in, and more, are necessary for the cat. If toys and a playful environment surround the cat, it can help make the cat feel at home.

Below are the essential buying items you should never forget:


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The first thing to get your cat is the right litter box. Buying a litter box is essential for the health of the cat. Litter boxes come in different sizes and heights. There are different litter boxes; some are open, some enclosed while one has self-cleaning installed. You will have to clean the litter box every day if you do not have the self-cleaning litter box. Cleaning it numerous times will ensure that the litter box is clean of any feces and that the cat can use it next time without any hesitation.

A commonly used litter box is the disposable litter box. As the name suggests, you can recycle it after being used a couple of times. The pebbles inside absorb the liquids and do not give off any odor. The box allows you to remove the solids feces without much hassle. When you notice that the pebbles are becoming darker, you can then recycle them.


Bringing Home A Kitten



For the first few weeks, the cat will be adjusting to the new environment and living style. It is best if you keep feeding it the same diet the pet store owner or breeder was feeding the cat. As the cat slowly adjusts to the new lifestyle, you can change the food you give it little by little.

Food items like cat food are preferred the most because it has the proper proteins and calories for the cat. Do bear in mind that most cats are lactose-intolerant, and giving them only milk can upset their stomach.



You cannot feed your cat in a china dish! There are good bowls for the cat to drink the water out of and eat the food; some bowls have a charcoal filter that cleans impurities. It would be best if you kept in mind the bowl’s size for both food and water. For kittens, try to buy a smaller shallower bowl specially designed for them.

If you plan on buying bowls that do not have auto filtration installed in them, you should probably clean yourself. You should clean the bowl daily and place it away from the litter box.



Every cat wants to explore, and if windows or doors are left open, your cat might try to go out, so you need to take this matter very seriously. You should buy a cat carrier if you plan on going somewhere, you can put the cat in a carrier and take it with you. These carriers have proper ventilation and an easy entry and exit point for your cat.

Many cats love to sleep anywhere in your house, but it is better to buy a bed for your cat so that the cat can sleep peacefully. It would be best if you had to buy a soft and warm bed for your cat. This way, the cat will stay comfortable and will not be cranky when it wakes up.



Buying accessories for your cat is also important. Cats are very fond of playing, so getting them a bunch of toys can make your house a playful environment for them. Buying safe toys for your cat to play with can increase your bond with them. Cats are into specific toys like HEXBUG nano toys or interactive lasers.

Getting your cat an ID collar tag is also crucial for you to get. You should write your name, address, and phone number on the tag so that someone who finds it can return it to you if your cat is lost.



Cats should feel at home when you first bring them into your house. Having proper food and dishes for the cat to eat or drink is also vital for its health. The litter box must-have item and you should clean it several times to ensure the cat’s hygiene. Lastly, a proper cat bed is a favorite thing for your cat to taking a nap.

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