How Do I Use Surrender Fire Ant Killer

If you have a problem with fire ants or harvester ants, use Surrender Fire Ant Killer. In contrast to the mounds with entrance tunnels built by fire ants, the mounds built by some species of harvester ants resemble craters.

If Surrender Fire Ant Killer is used as directed on the label, it will not harm children or pets. When working with or applying this product, always use the appropriate PPE.

Ants are most active in the morning and afternoon, so use it then. In extreme heat or dryness, ants may retreat deeper inside their nests, rendering exterior applications useless. The mounds should only be treated once every season.

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What Is Surrender Fire Ant Killer?

Fire Ant Killer
Picture of the Fire Ant Killer

Lawns, turf, gardens, ornamental plants, and trees are all good candidates for treatment with Surrender Fire Ant Killer because they are not crop plants.

Acephate 75.00% is the active component that causes paralysis and death in ants within minutes of contact or ingestion.

The electrochemical pathways that neurons use to communicate between cells and muscles are disrupted by the chemical substances, leading to an overstimulation of the muscles.

Long-lasting residual control is provided by the novel wettable powder formulation. Minutes after treatment, ants begin to perish, and ant nests begin to disappear within 48 hours. Up to 108 ant hills can be treated with a single 1-pound container.


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How To Use Surrender Fire Ant Killer

  • For optimal results, remove the area of any debris that may be in the path of the mounds. It is recommended to use Surrender Fire Ant Killer during the ants’ feeding times.
    Typically, this will occur sometime between dawn and dusk. If the substance has clumped together, give the container a good shake before using it.
  • Lift the tab and remove the tape. The ant mound should be liberally sprinkled with 1–2 teaspoons of Surrender Fire Ant Killer.
  • Be careful not to apply at a height where the substance could be blown onto unintended regions like grass. Only one treatment per season is necessary.


Where Can I Apply Surrender Fire Ant Killer?

  • Residential areas
  • Recreational areas
  • Commercial areas
  • Non-crop areas
  • Field borders
  • Fencerows
  • Roadsides
  • Ditchbanks
  • Borrow bits


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What Are the Target Pests For Surrender Fire Ant Killer?


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There is no need to mix this product. One to two teaspoons per mound are the recommended application rate. Mounds need only be treated once a season.

Fire in Surrender If stored in a cool, dry location with moderate temperatures, Ant Killer will keep for up to two years. Keep out of reach of animals and keep dry and out of direct sunlight.

Use protective gear when applying Surrender Fire Ant Bait, as it does not require any special instruments for use. A teaspoon should be fine for use.

Fire in Surrender Minutes after application, Ant Killer begins killing off the pests it was designed to kill, and within 48 hours, the entire colony has died off.

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