How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

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Are you facing bed bugs infestation? What could bring bed bugs around? How do you get bed bugs? Worry less as all these will be handled or treated in this article. Bed bugs are easily identified by their small red-brownish body.

They exclusively feed on animal blood. Though Cimex lectularius (a common type of bug) prefers to feed on human blood, other warm-blooded animals are not exempted.

And this includes; dogs, cats, birds, and rodents. It has been done since ancient times; this is made evident in medieval European texts and classical Greek writings dating back to the times of Aristotle.


What is a bed bugs?

The name bed bugs came as a result of this insect’s habit of taking shelter in beds and nourishing itself with human blood while the sleep. Bed bugs solely feed on blood normally for their growth, development, and sustainability.

Humans are only but targets to these blood-sucking insects. Bed bugs have cohabitated with humans for about 3,500 years and are found in basically every environment that feels a human presence, including; residences, hotels, schools, offices, retail stores, and even public transportation, etc.


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How Do You Get Bed Bugs?
Bed Bugs


How do you get bed bugs in the first place?

They are various ways in which one can get bed bugs, they are;


One of the commonest causes of bed bug infestation is traveling. Often undisclosed to the traveler, bed bugs will hitch on people, clothing, luggage, and other personal belongings and be unconsciously transferred to other properties.

Aside from food poisoning and displacement of luggage, bed bugs are another reason of concern for travelers. Negligence, lack of attention, and carelessness have adversely contributed to the spread of bed bugs. This has been a serious problem in the US since the last decade.
Both businesses and personal homes have experienced problems with bed bugs. And a very big problem for public facilities likes; colleges, hospitals, retail store, movie theaters, libraries. And a bigger problem for hotels.

Second-hand furniture

Another prominent cause of bed bugs is the vogue of second-hand furniture. Bed bugs can find their way into a property when an infested piece of furniture is brought into a home or business.

Furthermore, borrowed furniture can also play a significant role in introducing bed bugs into a property. When furniture or other household items are rented out to the infested property and are returned without thorough inspection this property is at the risk of been infested too.

NOTE: bed bugs can survive for long without a blood meal. It can survive a whole year. So isolation of an infested furniture or property will not get rid of bed bugs.

Random picking up of furniture and other household is strongly discouraged because there is every tendency of picking up bed bug-infested object(s).


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How do you get bed bugs bites?

Bed bugs are of the habit of hitchhiking, which allows them to travel long distances. They clasp onto suitcases, clothes, and linens which makes their movement easy.

This is why the spread effortlessly. It is very difficult to identify bed bug bites, this makes for the confusion of its bites with that of another pest. Making infestations difficult to expose and allowing populations to grow invisibly.


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How do you get bed bugs in your house?

Bed bugs have a higher tendency of growing without human notice. As small, wingless insects with flattened bodies, they can hide in tight, desolate areas that are often out of reach or sight. such as; behind headboards or deep in upholstered furniture.

With the help of their flat bodies, they tend not to get smashed when their host roll over them while sleeping. That is, their bodies proper them protection.
Despite finding comfort in hidden places, they will walk out of their hiding spaces to feed when a host is closeby. Pertinent to note is their cautiousness as regards their actions to avoid detection.

To avoid exposure, these blood-sucking insects naturally wait until the middle of the night before they embark on their quest for a blood feast and movement towards a host. When they bite, they inject their victim with a light anesthetic to assist them go unnoticed while they feed.


Tips on how to get rid of bed bugs out your home

Bed inspection is very important. Endeavor to make thorough and careful inspection of the hotel beds; pull out the sheets to check and closely examine the mattress and box spring seams for any signs of bed bugs.

These may include living or dead bed bugs, which are the size of an apple seed, or black fecal smears, check out for bloodstains too.

Be sure to keep your luggage away from the bed to reduce the possibility of bed bugs grasping onto your luggage by placing it far away from the hotel bed. If possible, keep your luggage in the bathroom.

Inspection: Close inspection of luggage before packing and unpacking could help a whole lot. Before you leave the hotel to your house, be sure you are not taking any bed bugs home with you by closely examining your belongings.

Check your clothes for bed bugs also as any zipped compartments. This inspection should be redone when you get home, should any bed bug escape your watchful eyes while at the hotel.

Adequate wash: Washing of clothes is another very important preventive measure you can take to avoid the importation of bed bugs into your home.

It is of the essence to put out all your clothes in your luggage into the dryer in case there are some bed bugs hitched on them.

NOTE: Bed bugs can survive washing, so clothes should be placed in the dryer for not less than 20 minutes first to kill the bugs at any life stage.

After drying, you can wash clothes in hot, soapy water and then dry them again. Heat is that the key here, because it may be a proven method for killing all bed bug life cycles.



The role of traveling in the spread of bed bugs can not be overemphasized. And the possibility of these insects spreading within the shortest period is crazy. As such a constant lookout for this blood feasting insects is very important.

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