How To Deodorize Under Mobile Home

If you are perceiving an offensive smell from under your mobile home, here is how to deodorize under mobile home. Smells in, around, or under mobile homes should not be taken lightly.

It should be investigated immediately as this could be a sign of a big problem that needs urgent attention. What can you do to get rid of this smell? Read on to find out.


What are Mobile Homes? 

How To Deodorize Under Mobile Home
Mobile Home

Mobile homes are homes that are built in factories and then sold to buyers. A feature of mobile homes is that mobile homes can be moved from one place to another. Mobile homes are also called manufactured homes, park homes, or house trailers.

A Mobile home does not mean that it can be moved anytime, in fact, it can only be moved for legal reasons. After buying a mobile home, buyers can fix it for use as their permanent house, on concrete blocks or metal piers, or as a holiday house. Mobile homes are mostly common with people with leased lands or land under contract.

One major difference between a mobile home and a traditional home is that traditional homes have a basement and a foundation, while mobile homes do not have a foundation and sometimes no basement, this is why you may perceive a smell coming from under your mobile home. 


What Causes Smell Under Mobile Homes

If your mobile home is smelling, the first thing you need to do is find out the cause of the smell, here are the possible reasons why your mobile home may smell. 

  • Underbelly Plastic

One possible cause of smell under your mobile home is the plastic wrap that was used to cover the floor, ductwork, and plumbing in the house, since your house does not have a foundation, the odor is trapped in between and will start to smell. Some people describe the smell as a musty or damp odor. If your mobile home has this smell, the cause may be fiberglass insulation used to fill the home’s underbelly. 

  • Mildew 

Mildew is a whitish fungi growth that grows around moist areas like leaking pipes in sinks or bathrooms, ceilings, and windows. Mildew growing in your mobile home makes your home smell and you need to get rid of it. If mildew is the cause of the smell you will perceive a mold-like odor. 

  • Poor Ventilation

If the bathroom in the mobile house does not have a good ventilation system, either from a fan or fresh air, moisture from the bathroom will cause a musty smell because it is trapped with no way to escape.

How To Deodorize Under Mobile Home

  • Get Rid of the source

If the smell of your mobile home is caused by mildew, get rid of the mildew and possibly, what the mildew is on. If the mildew smell is coming from under the house and not from cabinets, find a way to cover the ground under your mobile home with a good moisture barrier. Also, make sure air gets to the underside of your mobile home. 

  • Vinegar to deodorize the smell

Another thing you can use to deodorize your mobile home is vinegar, spray vinegar directly around where the smell is coming from or where you have seen mildew. Make a good vinegar solution for that. To make a vinegar solution, pour vinegar and water into a spray bottle and mix them together. 

  • Using Soda

Baking soda is a simple affordable and often recommended way of getting rid of smells in the home because it is a very good smell neutralizer. To use baking soda to neutralize the odor, get containers or bowls that can fit under your home, fill them with baking soda, and place them under your mobile home.

Punch holes in the containers so that the baking soda odor will circulate fast, and overwhelm the stinky smell. Make sure that the containers placed are made of disposable materials. Also, replace the baking soda every two months until the smell is gone completely.

  • Ventilation 

There should be vents under the floor of your mobile home, find it and open it up to allow fresh air to flow through the space. If there is no vent under your mobile home, you can create little openings for fresh air in the skirting around the edge of your mobile home. Then put wires or mesh screens over the openings so that animals like raccoons do not see it as a free place to live.


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Getting rid of the smell under your mobile home is easy, just follow the solutions mentioned above. Remember you have to find the cause of the smell before you can get rid of it completely. If the odor persists after you have tried all options, get a professional to help you out. 


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