How To Fix Mole Tunnels Under Pool Liner

There is one thing you don’t want: mole tunnels under your pool. But if it happens, here’s how to fix mole tunnels under pool liner to get your pool back in shape, removing those unsightly bumps and uneven surfaces.

We’ll also discuss what moles are, how they get under pool liners, the potential damage they can cause, and effective methods to stop moles from damaging your pool bottom. Read on!


What’s a Mole?

How To Fix Mole Tunnels Under Pool Liner
A Mole

A mole is a small animal that lives mostly underground. It has a long body, soft fur, tiny eyes, and strong front legs with sharp claws. Moles are built for digging and are good at it.

They use their front paws like shovels to dig tunnels in the soil, looking for food like insects, worms, and grubs.

Even though they can’t see well, moles can feel and hear really well, which helps them find food in the dark underground.

Moles are important for keeping the soil healthy and controlling bug populations, but they can become a problem when they dig up lawns, gardens, and farms.


How do Moles Get Under Pool Liner?

Moles get under a pool liner by digging tunnels beneath it.

They dig these tunnels to find food, like insects and earthworms, or to make their homes underground.

These tunnels can be long and might reach the area under a pool. Once under the pool liner, moles keep digging, which can damage the pool bottom and make it uneven.


Can Moles Damage Pools?

Yes, moles can damage pools. When moles dig tunnels under a pool, they can make gaps or spaces under the pool liner.

These gaps can make the pool liner sag or get bumps, making the surface uneven.

Also, mole digging can loosen the soil under the pool, which might make the pool’s base unstable. In serious cases, this can damage the pool structure.


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How To Stop Moles From Damaging Your Pool Bottom

To prevent moles from damaging your pool bottom, you can these steps:

  • Use mole repellent, you can find different mole repellents in your local store to help stop moles from digging under your pool. These repellents often give off vibrations or smells that moles don’t like.
  • Put a wire mesh or similar barrier around your pool’s edge to stop moles from getting under the pool.
  • Moles like places with lots of bugs and worms to eat. If you reduce the number of these pests in your yard, moles will be less interested in your property.
  • Keep your pool area clean and free of clutter.  Remove piles of leaves or wood, to make it less inviting for moles to dig tunnels underneath.
  • Check your pool liner often for signs of mole damage, such as bumps or sagging spots. Also, fix any problems quickly to stop more damage from happening.


Can I Put Water Down a Mole Hole?

Yes, you can pour water down a mole hole to try to make moles leave. Flooding their tunnels can disturb them and make them move to drier places.

However, this may not always work and might need to be done more than once. Be careful, though, because too much water can harm the soil and plants around your pool area.


Does Rain Affect Moles?

Yes, rain can affect moles. When there’s heavy rain, it can flood the tunnels moles live in, so they come out looking for dry spots.

This can make them more active as they try to fix or make new tunnels. Also, wet soil is easier for moles to dig through, so they might do more digging when it’s wet.


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Can I Patch the Bottom of a Pool Liner?

Yes, you can patch the bottom of a pool liner. If you notice any holes, tears, or damage to the pool liner, you can use a patch kit specifically designed for pool liners to repair the damage.

Follow the instructions provided with the patch kit carefully to ensure a proper and effective repair.


What Tool is Used to Repair Pool Liner?

The tool usually used to fix a pool liner is a patch kit. This kit comes with a special piece of patch material and glue made for pool liners.

You might also need scissors to cut the patch and something like a roller to press the patch down firmly.


How To Fix Mole Tunnels Under Pool Liner

To fix mole tunnels under a pool liner, follow these steps:

  1. Find the specific area where the mole tunnels are causing bumps or uneven surfaces under the pool liner.
  2. Carefully remove the affected section of the pool liner to access the area underneath.
  3. Then use a shovel to fill the mole tunnels with soil, sand, or a mixture of both. Pack the material tightly to prevent future tunneling.
  4. Once the tunnels are filled and the area is leveled, replace the pool liner carefully, and ensure it is smooth and free of wrinkles.
  5. Regularly inspect the pool area for signs of mole activity and promptly fix any new tunnels that may appear.


More on How To Fix Mole Tunnels Under Pool Liner

Watch the video below, to see how you can fix mole tunnels under your pool



Dealing with mole tunnels under your pool liner can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can effectively prevent moles from damaging your pool bottom and repair any damage that has already occurred.

You only need to follow the tips I have outlined in this article to enjoy a smooth and level pool bottom all season long.


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