How to Get of Crickets in Crawl Spaces

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Today, we’re going to be talking about how to get rid of your cricket issues maybe you have never seen those big ugly crickets in your crawl space, your basement or garage, even an addict. Well, you can do something about it and you can hire an expert to come over and kill them for you or you can do it yourself which will cost less.

So, let me tell you that I can do that. Now, most cricket species are not really gonna get in your house, reproduce and become a big problem. You just have to test your house for the crickets. I’m talking about a particular species, the camel crickets or sometimes called spider crickets.



What You Should Know About Spider Crickets

Spider crickets are the ones that get in your crawlspace or your garage, or whatever and these are reproducing. And they have these big ugly masks and Curtis running around. This is mostly due to a moisture issue which I love to adjust later, but your crawlspace if it’s not, you know, properly shooting the keep moisture out.

It’s going to be damned and crickets love being in the damp and dark. Crickets reproduce and the only thing you need to really use to do and it’s really easy. I know usually I talk about more of the biology of Koreans from what they like to eat live and stuff. I just don’t really feel like that’s necessary for this insect.

How To Get Of Crickets In Crawl Spaces

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How to Get of Crickets in Crawl Spaces

You need niban granular bait, it’s incredibly safe to use. You can buy this off Amazon for $30 and it comes with this nice little shaker on the top, and this is all you need.

You don’t need to buy a pump sprayer or mix it with anything. It’s just like this. It’s granular bait as I mentioned. And earlier, people pay me $95 to come out with this and spread it around their house or wherever to go to their crickets.

And this is a product, you can get yourself. It’s good though not evil. Not only is it really simple to use for the do-it-yourself. Homeowner wants to do pest control but it’s actually pretty effective and lasts a long time.

It’s good through six inches of rain. So, you know, you don’t get to worry about it raining. It’s also besides rain, you know, as weatherproof resistant to heat and UV rays, everything like that, the places I use it, you know, if we’re talking about crickets specifically, you qualify to just spread it.

As I said, you can’t go wrong with this stuff it is really safe. So I just spread it all around crawl spaces, you know, pay special attention to the edges of the crawl space, but I am just spurred on the middle tube and you can put it around the corners or the edges of the garage kind of year.

Any wood piles you have them in there. I just sprinkle a little bit in the corners of the garage or the edges are behind toolboxes stuff where you’re not going to see it. I mean, it’s really straight. It doesn’t even matter if it’s out in the open garage.

Screw your basement, utility room, the unfurnished rooms. We’re having frickin issues. It’s totally fine with just those on the ground and going back to your life. I will talk a little bit more about my band. If you’re concerned about the safety measures.


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Niban Granular Bait: Product Information

Then here’s some information about this product to put you at ease about, just throwing pesticide and the middle of your attic or crawl space, or whatever. So Nibans main ingredient is boric acid, which is super safe.

They actually use it in New York City’s Central park bird aviary was having issues with cockroaches. This product is also effective, not only for crickets with cockroaches. But this part was having issues with the cockroaches and most other granular baits or pesticides.

While effective for bugs are also very harmful to the environment, especially birds. So if Birds, you know find their feet on the ground, they will eat it. And then the birds will get sick.

Obviously, don’t want a dead bird laying around while they’re trying to kill cockroaches. So they picked niban to help with the Cockroach situation in their bird park. Nice herb or gases as the main ingredient is actually doesn’t hurt Birds.


How it Works

This way it works on bugs is obviously boric acid breaks down in the boric in your body. And like humans, when we are eating vegetables or plants or whatever like salads for each other naturally occurring in there and our body can take for it. So we actually need those micronutrients for a healthy metabolism.

And when we’ve got enough then our kidneys kind of break that down or excrete the rest of it and liquids buzz can’t excrete liquids.

So, they can only poop and those liquids will build up in their bodies and it blocks them from being able to extract the nutrition. They need from the foods they eat. So since they can’t extract nutrition from the food because the boric is blocking it essentially starve to death even though they’re eating.

And that’s why this product doesn’t work super quick because it only works quick enough for both of them to starve to death so it could take like a couple of weeks.

So, If you’re having big crazy camel crickets in your crawlspace fizzles of them for a couple more weeks, they’ll go away.

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