How To Keep Gnats Out Of Litter Box

Tired of dealing with gnats that make their way into your litter box and wondering how to keep gnats out of litter box? Gnats in the litter box can be annoying, but there are effective ways to keep them at bay.

In this guide, we will explore what gnats are, why they get into litter boxes, what attracts them, and most importantly, how to keep them out. Read on to learn more.


What Are Gnats?

How To Keep Gnats Out Of Litter Box
Female Black Fungus Gnat

Gnats are tiny flying insects belonging to the Diptera order, which also includes flies and mosquitoes. They have long legs, slim bodies, and thin wings.

Gnats are often found in moist areas, in gardens, and inside houses. They are attracted to rotting organic matter such as plants, food, and even animal waste.

Gnats are annoying as they tend to fly around people’s faces and can get into their eyes, ears, and noses. Although gnats usually don’t harm humans, they can be quite bothersome, especially when there are many of them.


What is a litter Box? 

How To Keep Gnats Out Of Litter Box
Cat Litter box

A litter box is a box for indoor cats to pee and poop in. It’s filled with cat litter, a material that absorbs wetness and smells. Litter boxes can be simple trays or fancy, self-cleaning, and they come in different sizes.

The purpose of a litter box is to give cats a specific place to go and relieve themselves when they are inside. This keeps the rest of the house clean and smelling good. The litter box should be cleaned often to keep it hygienic and clean.


How Do They Get Into Litter Boxes?

Gnats can get into litter boxes through various means. They are primarily attracted by the moist and organic environment of the litter. They are small enough to enter through small openings or gaps in the litter box.

Also, gnats can be brought into the home from outside sources, Like open windows or doors, and find their way to the litter box.

Once inside, they’re drawn to the smell of ammonia from cat pee and the decaying organic matter in the litter. This makes the litter box a perfect place for gnats to lay eggs and multiply if not gotten rid of immediately.


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What Attracts Gnats to Litter Boxes?

Here are some of the reasons why gnats may be attracted to your litter boxes:

  • Moisture: Gnats are attracted to the moist environment in litter boxes, which provides an ideal breeding ground for them.
  • Organic Matter: They can also be attracted to organic material like feces and urine in the cat litter because it serves as a food source for them.
  • Poor Hygiene: Litter boxes that are not cleaned regularly can accumulate organic matter and become a breeding ground for gnats.
  • Location: If you keep your litter box in damp or humid areas, gnats are more likely to be attracted to it.
  • Type of Litter: Some types of cat litter may be more attractive to gnats than others due to their composition or odor.


How to Keep Gnats Out of Litter Boxes

To keep gnats out of litter boxes, follow these tips:

  • Scoop the litter box daily and change the litter frequently to remove any organic material that may attract gnats.
  • Keep the litter box dry. Make sure the litter is not too wet or moist. You should use a litter box that absorbs moisture well.
  • Use a litter box that has a lid or cover to stop gnats from getting to the litter.
  • Keep the litter box clean by washing it regularly with mild soap and water to remove anything that might attract gnats.
  • Make sure there are no leaks or spills near the litter box that could make it wet and attractive to gnats.
  • Use gnat’s natural repellents like vinegar or essential oils (like lavender or citronella) to keep gnats away from the litter box area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my cat’s litter box have gnats?
A. Gnats might be in your cat’s litter box because it’s damp with poop and pee in it. Gnats like wet places and things they can eat, so if there is any food for them, they will breed there. Keep your litter box dry and clean if you want to keep gnats away.

Q. What smell do gnats hate the most?
A. Gnats don’t like the smell of citrus, vinegar, or certain essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint. These scents can make them stay away.

Q. Can cats get sick from eating gnats?
A. Yes, cats can get sick from eating gnats, especially if the gnats are carrying parasites or diseases. Eating gnats can cause gastrointestinal issues or infections for them.

Prevent cats from eating gnats, by keeping them away from places with lots of gnats and repellents to repel gnats. If you think your cat ate gnats and is sick, talk to your vet.


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Keeping gnats out of your cat’s litter box is necessary for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your pet.

Carefully follow the tips and tricks outlined in this article, to effectively prevent gnat infestations and ensure that your cat’s litter box remains a safe and comfortable space for them.

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