How To Stop Birds From Digging Up Grass

Are you struggling with birds digging up your lawn? You are not alone. Here is how to stop birds from digging up grass. Many homeowners face this issue, wondering what attracts birds to their lawns and how to prevent it.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the reasons behind this behavior, the types of birds that are often the culprits, and most importantly, effective strategies to stop birds from digging up your grass.


What Attracts Birds to Grass

How To Stop Birds From Digging Up Grass
Dove on the lawn.

Birds are attracted to grass for reasons like:

  • Available Food Source: Insects like, worms, and other small creatures that birds feed on live in the grass. Birds will dig up grass to get to these food sources.
  • Nesting Materials: Birds might also use grass as nesting material, especially when building nests during the breeding season.
  • Water: Grass holds water, which can attract birds looking for a source of water to drink or bathe.
  • Soft Soil: Birds like to search for food in soft soil because it’s easier for them to dig into. Lawns that are well cared for and have soft soil are more likely to attract birds.
  • Territorial Behavior: Some bird species may dig up grass as part of their territorial behavior, to mark their territory or search for potential food sources.


What Types of Birds Dig up grass in lawns 

Several types of birds are known to dig up grass in lawns. These include:

  1. Robins: Robins dig up grass to get to food sources. They are easily recognized by their red breast and are often seen hopping on lawns to find worms and insects.
  2. Starlings: Starlings are small to medium-sized birds with speckled feathers. They are very adaptable and live in many different places, like cities, where they dig up grass to find food.
  3. Grackles: Grackles are medium-sized birds with shiny feathers that can change color in the light. They often travel in big groups and will dig up grass when they’re looking for food.
  4. Thrushes: Thrushes are medium-sized birds with spotted feathers. They are known for singing beautiful songs while going about. They dig up grass to find insects and worms.


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What Damage Do Birds Cause to Grass?

Birds damage grass in several ways. They might dig up the grass while looking for food, which loosens the soil, pulls up the grass, and makes the lawn uneven. Some birds might also pull up grass to build nests, creating bare spots in the lawn.

Their feeding habits can disrupt the soil and grass roots, causing stunted growth and thin patches. Bird droppings contain uric acid, which can burn the grass if left in large amounts, leaving damaged areas.

Also, birds can spread weeds by carrying weed seeds in their droppings or on their feathers, this increases the number of weeds in the lawn.


How to Stop Birds from Digging Up Grass

  • Use Bird Netting:

Put up bird netting over your lawn to stop birds from landing and digging your grass. This netting is a physical barrier that keeps birds away from the soil and grass.

It’s usually made of lightweight, strong materials like nylon or polyethylene, which makes it easy to put up and take down. Although bird netting can block some sunlight, the holes in the mesh let enough light through to keep your grass healthy.

When installing bird netting, ensure it’s tightly secured to the ground and any nearby structures to prevent birds from getting under it. Also, check the netting regularly for any rips or holes and fix them quickly to keep it working well.


  • 2. Apply Repellents:

You can also use bird repellents, like sprays or granules, to keep birds from digging up your grass. These repellents have ingredients that birds don’t like, so they stay away.

Make sure to choose repellents that are safe to use around pets and kids. Follow the instructions on the package when applying the repellent, especially in areas where birds are a big problem.

Remember, you may need to reapply the repellent, after it rains or after you water the lawn, to keep it still effective.


  • 3. Scare Tactics:

Another way to keep birds from digging in your grass is to scare them. Hang shiny objects like old CDs or strips of foil in your yard. When the sun hits them, they’ll shine and scare the birds away.

You can also use devices that make noise or flash lights when birds get close at night. These surprises will scare the birds and stop them from digging your lawn.


  • 4. Maintain Your Lawn:

To keep birds from digging up your grass, take good care of your lawn. Regularly mow it to reduce the number of bugs and worms in the grass. Aerating your lawn can also help by improving soil drainage because birds are less likely to dig for food in wet areas.


  • Provide Alternative Food Sources:

To stop birds from digging in your grass, give them other places to find food. Put up bird feeders in different parts of your yard to attract birds away from your lawn.

Fill the feeders with birdseed or other foods that birds like. You can also add a birdbath to give birds a place to drink and bathe, so they won’t need to dig in your lawn for water.


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More on How To Stop Birds From Digging Up Grass

Watch the video below for more information on birds and lawns



In summary, knowing why birds come to your lawn and taking action to keep them away can protect your grass. Use bird netting, repellents, scare tactics, and keep your lawn in good shape so you can have a nice lawn without birds digging it up.


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