The Iowa Wolf Spider: Amazing Facts You Must Know

The Iowa wolf spider is capable of delivering painful bites to insect prey, but are they poisonous to humans? Despite their large size, are these spiders capable of poisoning humans?

These spiders are very common in Iowa and can be found in grasslands and even deserts. From the information below, it is certain that these pests are more beneficial to humans.

Let us now find out more about these pests.


What To Know About the Iowa Wolf Spider

Iowa Wolf Spider
Iowa Wolf Spider Picture

If you are aware of how wolves operate, then you should have a little idea of how the Iowa wolf spider got its name.

Iowa wolf spiders got their name from their ability to quietly follow their prey until they finally pounce on them. Just like your regular lone wolves, Iowa wolf spiders live on their own and do almost everything on their own.

Besides the mating season, these spiders never relate to other spiders of their species. Though they pose a threat to other spider species, they are harmless to humans.


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What is the Wolf Spider Iowa Size?

The wolf spider Iowa size is quite large and usually varies. These spiders usually reach lengths of about 0.25 inches to about 1.5 inches.

Because of their color, Iowa wolf spiders are often mistaken for brown recluse spiders. There are still ways to differentiate these spiders, though. From the body markings of the brown recluse, you can distinguish them.

If you ever come across a fast-moving, large spider, then it is definitely a wolf spider.


What is the Largest Wolf Spider in Iowa?

The Hogna Carolinensis (Carolina Wolf Spider) is the largest wolf spider in Iowa and definitely one of the largest in the world.

Even though these spiders may look big and threatening, they will not bite humans because they are shy. These spiders will only bite when they feel threatened.


Are Wolf Spiders in Iowa Poisonous?

We previously stated that although these spiders have large sizes, they are not a threat to humans. Wolf spiders are venomous but are not poisonous to humans.

This venom is not to hurt humans, but the insects that they prey on. This venom is capable of paralyzing the little insects but will be less effective on humans.

Below are possible symptoms of an Iowa wolf spider bite:

  • Pain at the instance of the bite.
  • Redness of the bite area.
  • Possibly, allergic reactions.


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Despite the scary name, scary appearance, and large size of these spiders, they do not in any way pose any potential threats to humans but will even help eliminate small insect pests in the house.

Since they share similar appearances with brown recluse spiders, it is important that you are able to differentiate these 2 apart.

What else do you know about the Iowa wolf spider? Let us know via the comments section below!

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