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Making Money with Mosquito Services

Making Money With Mosquito Services

There are several ways to making money with mosquito services. Del Lawson serves as the vice president of Modern Pest Control, which is located in Houston.

According to Lawson, there are a few obstacles to overcome when incorporating mosquito control, but these can be simply integrated into the routine operations of a business.

The challenges associated with adding services include getting everyone on the same page, explaining to customers why they require the services, how to complete them, and what it’s for, and finally, getting sales and service teams on the same page by letting them know “this is how we do it and sell it.” Lawson stated. One of the most difficult things to do is ensure that all employees of the organization speak the same language.

According to Lawson, the success of his company’s mosquito control program may be attributed in large part to the efficiency and user-friendliness of the mosquito control devices available today.

Since approximately the year 2003, we’ve been providing mosquito services using misting systems, and about five years ago, we began providing mosquito services using backpack sprayers.

The effectiveness of the product and the simplicity of its application for technicians were of the utmost importance. Before we started utilizing OneGuard from MGK, we would mix one or two products in a tank.

This process was quite laborious for our technicians, and there were times when they lacked the necessary supplies. When OneGuard was introduced, it made things simpler for technicians because we needed just one container of that product on the truck, in addition to the surfactant, of course.

According to the sales manager for ABC Home & Commercial Services in Austin, Texas, Mark Johnston, ABC has been offering the service for more than twenty years at this point. According to Johnston, the treatment of mosquitoes should be a primary concern for any PMP.

According to Johnston, “I would highly recommend mosquito treatments for every pest control company because the market is large.” “It’s just a good business to be in, and it goes hand in hand with general pest management,” the owner said. They have the potential to quickly bring in some more revenue through the mosquito industry.

Johnston suggested that PCOs could be surprised to discover the various ways in which mosquito control is a good fit for their operations if they do an audit. I would propose that they figure out why they are unable to, and then investigate why they are unable to.

They are in possession of the necessary license for pest management, and they have access to the necessary supplies. It only makes sense, and it helps with the pest control, to use a backpack mister, and there are many various types that will mist the products into the yards and foliage.

The backpack mister is a product that is often used, and there are a number of different varieties that will do so.

Johnston continued by saying, “When you’re treating around yards and homes for mosquitoes, it also reduces spiders and ants, and that provides a very high value for the client.” When compared to other companies, Mosquito has the highest customer retention rate, which is approximately 80 percent.

Since upselling to current clients is one of the most reliable methods of organic expansion, it’s no surprise that PCOs have found success in offering mosquito control as an additional service.

Zika virus originated as the most recent mosquito-borne virus five years before the global COVID-19 pandemic. More than 60 nations, including the United States, reported Zika cases in 2016, at which point an outbreak was proclaimed.

Providing mosquito control services is important for many reasons, including preventing the spread of disease. Mosquito-borne diseases are always in the public eye because of the widespread impact they have during the warmer months.

PCOs should investigate the market and ask various questions before offering mosquito control services.

Vice President and co-owner of Accel Pest & Termite Control in Virginia Beach, John Reid, recommends that pest treatment operators (PCOs) stick pretty close to their core services when thinking about add-on services like mosquito control.

You need to know if it’s going to be successful for you, and these days you have to consider the regulations in your state as well as your predictions for the market. In addition, he said, “Do you have the resources to handle both general pest and mosquito?”

One of the reasons mosquito services have become popular among PCOs is because start-up costs are inexpensive, compared to other add-on services, said Court Parker, CEO of Bug Busters, situated in the greater Atlanta market.

Because our goods and tools are reasonably priced, we have a low barrier to access. The materials, time, and effort required are not as high as in the case of bed bugs and termite control.

Labor is the largest factor in our sector, and with mosquito work, you can complete a job very rapidly, adds Parker.

A healthy balance between growth and profit is possible with proper routing and density. One may do rather well as a sole proprietor selling to a community of 300 homes. That’s why there are now so many new entrants in the market.

Charlie Sloan, service manager of Amco Ranger Termite and Pest Solutions in St. Louis, says mosquito treatment has several benefits for homeowners.

If you use something to control mosquitoes, Sloan says, “it will control so many other pests, so you can advertise it in various ways.” We advertise flying insects, not mosquito control.

realized that even if a person isn’t bothered by mosquitoes, they may be bothered by other biting and stinging insects, such as flies and wasps.

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