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The House Centipede; Facts, Benefits and How to get rid of it

The bug, house centipede gives me the creeps, who would like a yellowish-grey bug with 15 pairs of long legs [...]

Boxelder Bug; All You Need To Know About Boxelder Bug

Boxelder Bug, the name sounds kinda funny, right? well, it also was for me as I was about writing this article. [...]

Flea vs Bed Bug Bite; Facts, Comparison and Symptoms

Flea vs Bed Bug Bite, on seeing this many questions begin to run through your mind, luckily for you the [...]

What Do Ants Eat and Drink; A Detailed Insight into Ant Diet

Ants!Ants!Ants! the big question is What Do Ants Eat and Drink. surprising right? who thought ants drink, well they do and [...]

Fast and Safe Ways on How to Get Rid of Silverfish Bugs

There are various ways on how to get rid of silverfish bugs. Silverfish bugs are genuinely harmless, they are likely [...]

Bed Bugs vs Tick; Facts, Differences, Identification, and Prevention

Bed bugs vs tick, these are small household pests, this makes it difficult to identify them easily. In a case [...]

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles; Carpet Beetles Infestation

Carpet beetles are among the top destructive most common household pest. They are various ways on how to get rid [...]

Is TB Curable? 6 Ideal Health Supplements for Tuberculosis Treatment

Is TB curable? the right answer to this question is Yes, in our previous article “tuberculosis cure” we explain everything [...]

Benefits of Lemongrass; Uses, Dosage, and Preparation

A few decades ago, the benefits of lemongrass were mainly for malaria treatment. The benefits of lemongrass come as a [...]

Net for Mosquitoes: Best Ways to Use Net for Mosquitoes

Using net for mosquitoes has saved people around the world from a mosquito bite, mosquito bite causes a disease called [...]

Malaria Treatment: List of Herbs for Malaria Treatment

Malaria is among the top 5 world’s deadliest diseases, In ancient times’ people rely on herbs for malaria treatment which [...]

Best Cat Insurance: List of Best Cat Insurance Providers

As a cat owner, your responsibility does not end at feeding your cat. Having the best cat insurance for your [...]

E&L Pet Insurance Reviews; All You Need to Know About E&L Pet Insurance

E&L Pet Insurance Reviews; Here, We Will Mention Everything You Need to Know About E&L Pet Insurance and How to [...]

Benefits of Eating Ants; Top 10 Nutritous Facts About Eating Ants

Benefits of Eating Ants; Here are the Top 10 Nutritous Facts About Eating Ants. Ants are small insects of the [...]

Dog Bite vs Cat Bite: Which is More Deadly?

A dog and a cat are common house pets, these animals do bite as a result of unfamiliarity. Matching them [...]