Termites In Las Vegas: What Is Their Business With the City Of Nevada?

Las Vegas! The most populous city in the United States, with its beautiful resorts. However, the termites in Las Vegas have proven that they can be destructive anywhere they go.

The termites in Las Vegas Nevada, are primarily 2 species and are distinguished by their characteristic appearance and preferences.

As you read on, we will describe these termite species and provide you with detailed information on when these pests are most active in this beautiful city.


Are there Termites in Las Vegas?

Are there termites in Las Vegas? Yes, there are termites in Las Vegas, and these termites are not just capable of causing damage to properties but can also do so without being noticed for a long period of time.

What makes the termites in Nevada very difficult to control and get rid of is their ability to cause great damage and still go unnoticed. It is really something to be studied, don’t you think?

In Las Vegas homes, they do not just dig into wood but also burrow into building foundations and inside the walls as well, making their infestation somewhat impossible to detect.

Most of the time, you only get to notice the existence of these pests in your home after a great deal of damage has already been done. It is therefore advisable that you take preventive measures even before you notice an infestation.


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What are the Types of Termites in Las Vegas Nevada?

In Las Vegas, there are 2 major termite species, which we will be discussing below.

Even though these 2 termite species are both attracted to wood like every normal termite in the world, you will come to discover that there’s still a difference in their identification and behaviors that can be used to distinguish them.

Also, it is important that you are able to properly tell and identify the termite you are dealing with, as this will help in proper treatment and effective control.

  • Subterranean Termtes in Nevada:
Termites In Las Vegas
Picture of a Western Subterranean Termite in Las Vegas

The subterranean termites in Nevada are the most damage-causing and destructive in the city. These termites are very common in Las Vegas and can be found in uncompacted or poorly compacted soils where they live.

These termites are easily identifiable by their small sizes, black heads, and pale-colored bodies. In fact, Subterranean termites are the smallest species of termites, yet the most destructive.

The Subterranean termites in Las Vegas usually build their nests underground and are mostly attracted to both dry and damp woods.

  • Drywood Termites:
Termites In Las Vegas
Picture of a Drywood Termite in Las Vegas

From their name, it is pretty obvious that, unlike the subterranean termites, these termites live in and prefer dry wood over other wood types.

You can distinguish these termites by their large wings and cream-like body coloration. Their colonies are usually small, hence their slow destructive abilities.

Even though their damage rate is slow, they can still cause a great deal of damage, only slowly. They can cause damage to the following:

  • Walls
  • Support beams
  • Floors, etc.


When are Termites a Problem in Las Vegas?

Termites In Las Vegas
Pictures of Termites In Las Vegas After Swarming

Although these pests can go unnoticed for a long period of time, when are termites a problem in Las Vegas? When do these pests generally become noticeable?

Well, termites generally swarm after heavy rainfalls. You must have noticed this one. And this is when they fly up to mate with the queen of the colony.

Besides this time, below are times when termites swarm based on the species of Las Vegas Termite:

  • Desert Dampwood Termites:

These Termite Species are likely to swarm from the month of May through September in the evenings.

  • Western Subterranean Termites:

These termite species swarm during the day after rains that fall in early spring, winter, or autumn.

  • Nevada Dampwood Termites:

You will mostly find these termites swarming before sunset during the spring season.

  • Arid-land Subterranean Termites:

Just like their western termite counterparts, these termite species swarm during the day in the fall and spring seasons.


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What are the Signs of Termites in Las Vegas?

Termites In Las Vegas
Mud Tubes are Sure Signs of Termite Infestation

Termites usually swarm in the summer for the purpose of mating and also looking for new habitats to start a colony. Peradventure, your home becomes this new habitat, below are signs to look out for:

  1. Discarded termite wings are a sure indicator of termite activity in your house. If you spot this sign in your home, then pest control is inevitable.
  2. The wood looks like it was damaged by water. When termites infest wood, the wood appears to be weakened, more like it was damaged by water.
  3. Mud tubes on your walls. Some termite species are allergic to the air so they usually create mud tubes, which they channel from the colony directly to the food source.


How To Get Rid of Termites in Las Vegas

Getting rid of termites in Las Vegas homes is actually possible but then it may not be really effective as your DIY control methods may even agitate the termites, spreading them and making them even more aggressive.

It is therefore advisable that you hire the services of pest control experts, as they will help you ensure that your termite issues become a thing of the past using their years of expertise, professionalism, and pest control equipment.

Hiring their services will definitely put an end to these pests and also prevent future occurrences.


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After reading this article, you would think that the most destructive termites in Las Vegas are the Subterranean termites. While this is true, there is also a false in this belief.

While the drywood termites are slow in their destructions and small in number, these behaviors allow them to go unnoticed for a long period of time, hence causing a great deal of damage before getting noticed.

Do you live in Las Vegas? What is your experience with termites? What steps have you taken to curb these pests for good? Do share with us via the comments section below!

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