The Duties of the Spider Exterminator At Pest Clue

No matter your personal feelings on spiders, there comes a time when a professional spider exterminator may be needed if too many of the eight-legged creatures decide to set up shop in your structure.

If you should ever go through a spider infestation do not relent to call on the pest clue spider exterminator as we are readily available to curb a spider infestation no matter how long.

Below is a list of the duties offered by the pest clue exterminator!


What are the Duties of the Spider Exterminator at Pest Clue?

Spider Exterminator
Picture of a Spider Exterminator @PestClue

It isn’t fun to have spiders in your home, even if they are harmless. Once you see signs of spiders, it’s crucial to act.

Pest control is a continuous process and not just a one-time thing. Each spider requires a different treatment.

Orkin Pros can help you identify spiders in your home and exterminate them. Pest Clue’s Points Of Service is a cycle of the steps listed below:

  • Investigation: We will inspect your entire home, from top to bottom and inside out, to determine if there are any spiders.
  • Protection: We will treat the perimeter of the structure with the right materials and remove any spider webs or wasp nests that are visible. We use the safest methods.
  • Fortification: Seal, caulk and plug gaps and cracks to prevent spiders.
  • Watch Keeping: We will treat the interior of your house and install monitors for pests in areas that are critical, such as bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and garages.
  • Report: We will always provide you with a detailed report on the services we have provided and make recommendations for keeping your home free from spiders and other insects.
  • Follow-up: We will stay in contact between our scheduled visits, and we’ll respond to any urgent needs.

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Must The Pest Clue Spider Exterminator Be Able To Identify the Spider and Its Habitat To Control an Infestation?

Spider Exterminator
A Group of Spider Exterminators @PestClue Coming Together To Figure Out the Spider Specie and Its Habitat For Proper Spider Extermination

Yes, the spider exterminator must be able to tell that there are tens of thousands of spider species in the world. This arachnid has eight legs and two segments.

Spiders can have up to four pairs of eyes. Some spiders have poor vision, but others, like the jumping spider, have excellent vision.

Other spiders prefer warm, dry areas such as subfloor air vents, upper corners of rooms and attics.

Some spiders prefer:

  • Warm
  • Dry areas
  • Upper corners of rooms
  • Subfloor air vents
  • Attics

They dwell mostly in the dark.


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Must the Pest Clue Spider Exterminator Be Able To Tell What Makes Up the Diet of the Spider To Control an Infestation?

Yes, the Pest clue spider exterminator must be able to tell that spiders eat insects, spiders, and other prey. Spiders don’t have teeth to chew and instead use digestive enzymes found in their saliva.

A spider’s gut is also too narrow for it to consume large food particles. Most spider species are predators. However, one species that feed on plants has been recorded.


Must the Pest Clue Spider Exterminator Be Able To Tell How Often Spiders Reproduce To Control an Infestation?

The females produce an ovary from which spiderlings emerge. Spiderlings go through a series of moults before becoming adults. Many spider species have males that court females.

Male jumping spiders, for example, perform elaborate dances in order to attract a female. Males can become food for females after mating, which is dangerous.


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It is important to know what to look for and where to look to determine if there is an infestation or potential infestation as spiders can be dangerous to humans.

You may need to hire a professional spider exterminator if you suspect that your home is infested with spiders or if you want someone to search for spiders in areas that are hidden.

Our Pest Control team is here to help with all of your spider extermination needs so why not reach out?

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