When Is Cockroach Season In Arizona?

Are you living in Arizona and wondering when is cockroach season in Arizona? Because they seem to be around every time. Get in here, I have an answer for you. Cockroaches are pests you will see everywhere whether you live in a warm or cold environment.

They have been around for a long time now, disgusting and causing a nuisance to us. The problem with roaches is that they are very persistent and always try to survive against all odds.

So if you live in Arizona or are thinking of moving there, read on to learn about cockroaches’ behavior in Arizona and how you can prevent them from entering your home.


Common Cockroaches in Arizona

When Is Cockroach Season In Arizona?
The German Cockroach. The most common type of cockroach in Arizona

The cockroaches you will find in Arizona are the German, American, Brown-banded, and Turkestan cockroaches. The German cockroach is the one you will see around mostly because they thrive in a warm environment.

The German cockroach has wings but cannot fly, and is usually light brown. German cockroaches are small. They only measure  ½ inch in size. You will find them in your house around food sources. What differentiates a German cockroach from other types are the two unique dark strips behind their heads.

The American Cockroach mostly lives outside the house in wood and vegetable debris, but they will enter your house to find food and shelter when the weather gets too cold for them to stay outside. American cockroaches are the biggest roach type you will find in Arizona. They grow up to 50 millimeters long and reddish-brown.

The brown-banded roaches are quite small, just about 13 millimeters in size. Brown-banded cockroaches get their name from the brown wings on their backs. You will find them in your closets and your cabinets.

They can also eat your books and clothing. Brown-banded cockroaches are either light brown or dark brown. The females have a darker shade than the males.

The Turkestan cockroach, like the American cockroach, lives outdoors in the garden and wood debris, so you will rarely find them inside. Their body color depends on the sex. The males are yellowish-tan, while the females are dark reddish-black.


When Is Cockroach Season In Arizona?

There is no real cockroach season in Arizona. You will find cockroaches all year round. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Pestgnome, Phoenix ranked 4th in the ‘roachiest’ city in America in 2023.

The reason why there seem to be cockroaches all the time in Arizona is because Arizona has mostly warm days and the best environment for cockroaches to thrive is a warm environment.

During the warmer months, you will notice an increase and heavy cockroach activities but sometimes the warm months may extend into fall. When this happens you are likely to see cockroaches all the time. 


What Will Attract Cockroaches To My House?

What cockroaches are looking for is food and if your house has it they will enter your house. Another thing that attracts roaches to your house is the presence of water.

Most people often overlook this. Cockroaches need water to survive and when you overwater your lawn or do not fix leaky pipes around your house, you attract cockroaches to your home. 


How to Prevent Cockroaches From Entering Your House In Arizona

1. Get rid of debris and clusters inside and outside of your house. When you get rid of wood or plant debris from outdoors, roaches like the American and Turkestan cockroaches will not find a breeding place to stay in the warm months, because they will seek shelter indoors when the weather gets colder. And when you remove clutter indoors, roaches will not find a place to hide if they enter your house.

2. Make sure roaches can not find their way into your house. Every opening should be sealed and install weather stripping for your door to keep roaches away. 

3. Do not overwater your lawn. Water just what is enough to help them grow. 

4. Keep your and your pet’s food properly sealed in jars or plastic containers. 


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Cockroaches are attracted to the warm and sunny weather of Arizona so you may see them all year. There is no ‘cockroach season’ per se but in some months you may experience an increased cockroach activity.

Also, cockroaches are native to the desert.  Remember you can live in Arizona and never have a cockroach infestation. It all depends on your determination to prevent them from entering into your house.  


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