Why Does Las Vegas Have So Many Cockroaches?

Las Vegas is the melting point of everything. The casinos, the luxury, and yes, pests like cockroaches. But why does Las Vegas have so many cockroaches?

Las Vegas may look all beautiful and like a fairytale land, but they are not immune to the invasion of cockroaches. Cockroaches are pests you will see everywhere.

They can live in beautiful and modern cities and the serenity of the country home. But how can they live in a place like Las Vegas? Let’s find out.


What You Need To Know About Cockroaches

Why Does Las Vegas Have So Many Cockroaches?
An American Roach. Picture taken in Las Vegas

Cockroaches are an invasive and disgusting pests. By invasive, I mean that once they enter your house or office, it is hard to get rid of them. This is because they reproduce very fast, and one egg laid by a female can carry up to 40 nymphs.

Another reason is they can survive without water for a week, food for months, and underwater for over 30 minutes. How do you kill an insect like that? Cockroaches’ feces and droppings will make your house smell, and if you are allergic to the smell, you will have allergic reactions. You will be sneezing and coughing in no time.

Cockroaches are small insects. Their body size allows them to fit through the tiniest holes and cracks to enter your house. They are carriers of bacteria and are also known to spread diseases like gastroenteritis, dysentery, etc.

Cockroaches can also contaminate your food. Their favorite places are in trash cans and the dirty parts of the house. They go from these places to your cooking area to contaminate your food.


What Attracts Roaches To The House? 

Roaches are attracted to the food that is in your house, i.e., the crumbs, the garbage, the pet food, and even your clothing. Sometimes you may not have anything in your house.

They just need warmth and shelter in dark places and clusters that your houses provide for them to breed their young ones.


What Type of Roaches Will I See In Las Vegas?

There are many species of cockroaches around but the ones you will see in Las Vegas are the common cockroaches that have adapted to human habitats. Like: 

  • The German cockroach: The most common type you will see. They are either tan or brown in color. 
  • The American cockroach: Brown or reddish brown in color
  • The oriental cockroach: The water bug, or Black beetle. They are black with a grease-like look. 
  • The Australian cockroach: Light brown with distinct yellow stripes that extend along the base of their length. 


Why Does Las Vegas Have So Many Cockroaches?

The first reason is that Las Vegas has the perfect weather that cockroaches love. Warm summers and humid winters are just the right temperature for cockroaches.

Another reason is, since Las Vegas is the melting point for entertainment, there are so many people there most of the time, which means more food crumbs, more dirt, and more garbage for cockroaches to feed on.


Should I Be Worried About Cockroaches If I Am Moving to Las Vegas?

Well, yes, you should be worried about cockroaches if you are moving to Las Vegas because of the possibility of seeing one and one being in your apartment. If you will be living in an apartment building, do not allow roaches to enter your apartment.

Keep your surroundings very clean and unliveable for roaches. If you go outside, shake your clothes before going back into your house in case a cockroach has hopped on you. Also, avoid cardboard boxes in your home. Use plastic for any kind of storage that you will do.


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There is a saying that cockroaches will outlive humans, and I believe it to be true. They are the most invasive pests in the world and can survive anywhere, whether it is in Las Vegas or somewhere in Africa.

If you are thinking of moving to Las Vegas, don’t let cockroaches stop you. Many people living there have never seen one, who knows you could be one of them. But if you do see one, do your best to get rid of it.


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