Will Cockroaches Leave On Their Own?

Are you tired of seeing roaches in your house and just wondering, will cockroaches leave on their own? I understand that you are tired of the constant battle with roaches in your house, especially if you live in an apartment house.

 But you don’t have to give up. I am going to answer your question in this article and also tell you the type of roaches that may be bothering you inside the house.


Where Do Roaches Come From? 

Will Cockroaches Leave On Their Own
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Roaches come from a lot of places. They have a lot of ways they use to enter into a house. If you live in an apartment building and have been treating your house for roaches. And other apartments in your building do not fumigate too. Roaches will come from their house into your own.

They come in through the connected pipes and any small space between the apartments. The content of your garbage can also attract roaches into your house. They will also enter your house when they are thirsty because water is very important to them.

Roaches can come from packages, you need to check well before bringing any package inside. Shake yourself before you go into your house, if you have been to the garden or park.

This is to get rid of any roaches that may be on your clothing before getting them into your house. Not just you, but you may want to have your visitors shake off too before entering the house. 


Type of Roaches Bothering You in The House

You will see all types of cockroaches inside your house. Even the ones that are primarily found outside can wander inside your house sometimes. Here are the ones who live mostly indoors. 

Brown-banded roaches 

Brown-banded cockroaches prefer to live indoors because it’s warm which is the temperature they need to survive. Inside the house, you will find them in your closet, behind picture frames, near warm appliance motors, and in ceilings. Sometimes they will enter into your games console or computer keyboard.

You can mistake them for the German cockroach because they look alike but they have smaller body sizes compared to German cockroaches. They are only about 12-13 mm long and light brown or tan. When they are in the house you will notice their nymph around your house. 

German cockroach

German cockroaches also live in the house. They are the ones you will find in the kitchen and the bathroom. They prefer to live in the moist part of the house.

German cockroaches are considered pests because they can reproduce fast and quickly infest your home. They look like the bigger version of a brown-banded cockroach but with a longer body and also tan or light brown. 

Oriental cockroach

This type of cockroach can be found close to pipes and drains in the home. They feed on the dirt close to these pipes and drains. Like all cockroaches, they are very active at night. They are bigger than both German and brown-banded cockroaches and are dark reddish. 


Will Cockroaches Leave on Their Own

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, they will leave on their own if they do not find food and water to feed on. The problem with this is, it is impossible because you will always have food and water in your house. So no, as long as they find food, water, and shelter in your home, cockroaches will not leave on their own.

Another thing is they can survive for months without food and for a week without water. The probability of starving them to death is very slim. They reproduce at a very rapid rate. As many are dying out, some are hatching inside your home. Which makes it difficult for them to die out.

Another thing that will make them not leave on their own is, they can survive without breathing. If you try to suffocate them, they may outlive the time you think. 


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Final Thought

Yes, cockroaches can leave your house on your own but the possibility of that happening is very slim. This is because they have adapted to survive in difficult conditions and can outlive any harsh situations.

If you see a cockroach in your house do not overlook it and think it will leave on its own. Take action to get rid of it. I will be giving useful tips on how you can prevent cockroaches in your house in my next article. Remember to check it out. 


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