Nature-Cide Products to be Distributed by Oldham Chemicals

The news that Med-X and Oldham Chemicals have reached a deal for the distribution of its Nature-Cide Pest Management X2 product was recently made public.

Oldham Chemicals

Med-X has announced that it has obtained an agreement with Oldham Chemicals to distribute its Nature-Cide Pest Management X2 product. The announcement was made in Los Angeles, California.

Oldham Chemicals operates 14 service facilities throughout 8 different states, all of which are positioned in an advantageous manner within the southeastern region of the United States.

Oldham is now distributing Med-Nature-Cide X’s Pest Management X2 product, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor pest control, to residential and commercial customers. This comes as a result of an original purchase placed with Med-X.

Nature-Cide employs only natural and environmentally friendly products for pest control, including those that are effective in warding off insects, rats, reptiles, and a variety of birds.

Jennifer Mills, the president of Med-X, stated that “Oldham has an unsurpassed reputation in the industry,” and that “we are delighted they have chosen to offer our medicines to their clients throughout the Southeastern United States.”

“Oldham is a true industry master thanks to their nearly 60 years of experience in the sales and support of professional lawn care and pest control products and services.

We are confident that Oldham’s product line will be enhanced by the addition of Nature-offerings, Cide’s particularly in light of the company’s growing emphasis on the development of all-natural pest management methods.

We are excited to collaborate with the entirety of the Oldham team in order to promote Nature-Cide to the company’s substantial pool of happy clients.”

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