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When it comes to fumigation and pest control, Pestclue is established with the aid of enabling a pest-free environment for you. We are enforced with the necessary requirements for eliminating pests.

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Living/working in a safe and pest-free environment aids healthy living, efficient work and a stress-free life. With our professional services, we will help you eradicate pest around you!

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Fumigation Services

We offer professional fumigation which covers all common household pests. 

Cleaning Services

We offer both domestic and industrial cleaning services. 


We have for sale hazard-free chemical which helps in Do It Yourself (DIY) pest control.

Pest Control Tech

Are you all about tech? We've got the right equipment you need to get rid of pests around all at an affordable price.


Our Satisfied Clients

Our work so far and how satisfied our clients are. Testimonies from our happy face clients.


Whoow! I came across your recent write up "how to get rid of termite" all techniques listed worked perfectly well. Have shared with friends. Thanks a mill!

Kristine Dave, NZ​

Aunt 20180617_183730

Thanks So much Pestclue for the effort your team exercised in getting rid of snakes in my yard. It worth recommending.

Michelle, FR


I love it when promises are kept, I can now Sleep knowing that my bed is bugs free. Thanks Team!

Willie, NG

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Our experts contact our clients regularly to carry out inspections on recent jobs done, we also offer free inspections to new clients That are ready to try us, so TRY PESTCLUE NOW!