What Do Bees Do with Honey? Uses of Bee Pollen

What do bees do with honey? this query sounds weird, it just like asking you what would you do with the waste discharged from your body. However, honey is important to bees as it serves various vital purposes. Honey contains lots of health benefits, research shows that honey can be used to cure some health ailments, in this discussion, we will enlighten you on the uses of honey to bees and what you could possibly gain using honey.


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Uses of Honey


Honey serves various purposes, some are related to human health while some relate to pets. According to Mayoclinic honey is used to heal burns, however, honey is a trusted means to heal burns and has been used for a very long time. Still-on the uses of honey, honey can be used to heal the following;

  • Honey is used to restore human memory mostly in cases of postmenopausal and menopausal women
  • In countries like Dubai, most pharmacies recommend honey as a remedy for itchiness
  • In a diabetic patient, honey is the alternative as it helps in stabilizing blood sugar level
  • Research shows that honey contains antioxidant substances which help in fighting cancer cells
  • Honey with the combination of beeswax and olive oil is the best home remedy to heal pains, bleeding and itching in the anus (hemorrhoids)
  • In cases of cut wounds, honey is the right home remedy as it sterilizes wounds and helps boost healing
  • Honey also helps in healing ulcer victims, it helps combat antibiotic bacteria which could result from long-existing ulcer
  • Africans mostly recommend taking raw honey for fertility as it boosts the quality of sperm production in men
  • Skin redness and blisters can be healed with honey

They uses of honey listed above relate to human health, in this insect and other animals their uses will be completely different. As you keep reading forward, you will get to known what bees do with honey.


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To learn more about the uses of honey here’s a video;


What Do Bees Do with Honey?


Having known the various uses of honey, you might be wondering what do bees do with honey? just as we use honey for different purposes when bees get nectar and pollen from plants for their colony.

This nectar and pollen are stored and are been carried around by the working species of bees, as they keep carrying out this action, the water content in the nectar is lost, however, honey is gotten as a result.

Honey supplies them with vital nutrients such as lipids, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and protein. However, we believe you must have understood the nutrients bees obtain from honey but our focus point here is what do bees do with honey?

The queen bee, male bee, workers and the bee larvae extract vitamin B complex and vitamin C from honey which its use for growth and development, most people consider honey as a waste to the bees but honey plays a vital role in the bee colony as they require it for survival, although, the main diet of bees is pollen and nectar.


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This insect can’t survive without making honey as it supplies them with rich nutrient, the queen bee can survive for more than five years laying 2,500 eggs on a daily basis. Going through this piece of writing, we believe that the query what really do bee do with honey is given a suitable answer.  For contribution, suggestion or help you can write to us or contact us.


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