6 Signs Your House is Infested with Termites

There are several signs your house is infested with termites. Termite is a dangerous insect that feeds on wood.

They don’t bite humans but are dangerous enough to destroy wooden furniture and house structure.

Although they are small in size, they work in colonies with almost the same discipline as ants, which makes it easier for them to do bigger damage in very little time.


6 Signs Your House is Infested with Termites

It’s important to identify if they have entered your house and get rid of them immediately.

You should know about the cost of termite treatment in Sydney ahead of time so nothing comes as a surprise to you.

To ensure you really need a professional service, you can look for signs of termite infestation in your home mentioned in this article.

Signs Your House Is Infested With Termites


1. Blisters on Wood

If you see blisters on your wooden floor or stairs, this means termites have already infested your house and they are eating your wood away.

You might also notice that your floor has a wavy appearance because termites have damaged its subfloor.

It’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible and replace or repair the damaged floor. 


2. Mud Tubes on Wooden Surfaces

Termites create mud tubes about the same size as a pencil from the ground to their lunch place.

They usually live underground and go through the mud tube to protect themselves from temperature and humidity.

You will see tubes connected to wooden structures or furniture, which is a sign they have been there for quite some time. 


3. Small Mounds of Pellets

They eat wood, and they excrete wood. Termites nest inside the wood and create galleries there.

You can say they keep their living and lunch area clean, so they throw out their frass.

When this frass falls on the floor, it looks like a small mound of wood pellets.

You will often see these droppings near some wooden items. 


4. Wooden Doors are Hard to Open

You think your wooden doors and windows are now difficult to open because they are old.

They have gotten old and weak because of termites. Wood warps when it has been infested and damaged.

Now if you want your wood to live a little longer, you need to cure them of their disease and take other measures to keep them healthy. 


5. Termite Wings Near Entrance Points

You might see some insect wings near closed doors and windows. They look like dead termites, but they are just wings that were intentionally discarded.

Termites only come out of their nests built inside your furniture, floor, or structure when they have to mate.

When they come out, they get attracted to light coming from doors or windows. For some reason, they cut their wings off and start to build a new colony nearby. 


6. Hollow Wood

Hollow wood means it has already been eaten from the inside. Termites only chew wood to eat cellulose, which leaves a pattern of long grooves.

This type of wood can easily break with a little pressure. You might also notice small damages that you might not have noticed before.

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