9 Quick Tips That Will Keep The Bed Bugs Away Forever

Do your shoulders or legs have unusual bites? Do your mattresses suddenly have reddish-brown stains?

These may be the sign of bed bugs, which are small oval-shaped blood-sucking insects. They are reddish-brown in color and range in size from 1mm to 7mm.

According to research, one in five Americans has either encountered bed bug bites at home or outside. It’s tremendously unpleasant and disturbing to deal with bed bugs. However, if you follow these tips, you can eliminate these little creatures.

This article will cover nine of our best tips for removing bed bugs from your home.

9 Quick Tips That Will Keep The Bed Bugs Away Forever


9 Tips To Keep The Bed Bugs Away Forever

The following nine tips are the typical treatments for bed bugs. However, if you are a working professional or lack time to perform the below remedies, you may go with reliable service in your area. 

For instance, if you live in New York, you can try Doctor Sniffs: A Bed Bug Inspection Company to take care of bed bugs in your home.


1. Identification of Bed Bugs

Detecting the existence of bed bugs within your house is one of the essential aspects of the bedbug treatment process. It is almost tough to remove them once they have reached the infestation stage.

Every day, a female bed bug lay between 1 and 5 eggs. So, you see what havoc they can create in a home setting. As a result, these insects frequently bite you at night in search of warm blood.

Since bed bugs breed quickly, it’s critical to locate them as soon as possible. Remember the locations listed below for indications of bed bugs:

  • Cracks between the headboard and bed frame.
  • In between the cushions on your sofa.
  • Along the carpet and box spring joints.
  • Drawer joints and other pieces of bedside furniture.
  • Couch or chair gaps in the room.
  • Behind wall-mounted electrical outlets.
  • Into photo frames and wall hangings.
  • The curtain wrinkles and wall corners.


2. Eliminate With The Heat

You may try heat treatments if you want quick results to remove bed bugs. The best-recommended temperature for quickly killing them is 60 C or 140 F. You must also monitor the heat to prevent any accidents.

However, you may use this technique with the help of a professional. The expert will ensure effective heat treatment by carefully positioning fans to spread the heat uniformly.

The overall aim of heat treatment is to kill bed bugs without harming the property. The typical duration of this procedure is 6 to 8 hours.


3. Vacuum Regularly 

You can also try vacuuming to remove bed bugs in a mattress. Once you complete the vacuuming, grab them in a bag. You should ensure that the trash or vacuum bag is taped-shut before putting it outside in the trash bag.

After vacuuming, you may leave the room empty for a few days. As a result, bed bugs won’t be able to enter or escape, and they will gradually starve to death.


4. Steam Can Work

Although it operates on a lower scale, steam treatment is identical to heat treatment. It will work well for people seeking a non-toxic cure and less severe infestations.

At 122°F (50°C), bed bugs with their eggs begin to perish. Bed bugs get instantly killed by steam at 212°F (100°C).

You should apply gentle steaming to mattress folds and tufts, sofa seams, bed frames, and the places where they can hide. However, you should be careful as steam can destroy finishes and cause hazards with electrical objects around.


5. Clean All The Linens Often

You should wash all fabric-made items in a hot water setting. After washing, use the maximum heat setting on your dryer to finish drying them.

You can also start by cleaning the mattress seams with a firm brush. You will find that their eggshells will become loose. Afterward, you may vacuum and put them in a trash bag.

Cleaning often may increase your efforts and affect your routine for a few days, but you’ll be able to eliminate the infestation.


6. Use Alcohol And Vinegar

Vinegar contains some harmful chemical elements that can destroy the neural system of bedbugs. You can apply white distilled vinegar to spray over the corners of the bed and the objects around it.

If you find them gathering at any spot, spray vinegar over them, it’ll lessen their capacity to crawl. Rubbing alcohol over things will harm bedbugs. Bed bugs die when exposed to rubbing alcohol because their skin dries out.


7. Insecticide Oil And Dust

You can still find particular non-toxic pesticide dust for bed bug management. Some of them are diatomaceous earth and silica dust.

This natural dust can accumulate on the mattress and other places inside the room and around the corners. Though it takes time to kill bedbugs, it is still effective.

There are several lab-tested botanical pesticides available to eliminate bedbugs. You may try sprinkling the borax solution inside the room. It will suffocate them, and sooner or later, they will die.


8. Patch Up Wall Cracks, And Furniture

Bed bugs love to hide in small wall gaps and furniture cracks. They might create their homes in those gaps. And as you know, they lay eggs exponentially, which might create problems for you.

You must examine the walls and furniture of your house carefully. If you find such gaps or holes, fill them up and patch up the wall cracks as soon as possible.


9. Hire A Pest Control Service

The last and most effective way to eliminate bedbugs is to hire a pest control service. All your remedies may not be successful, but with the help of a service company, you can permanently remove bed bugs

When choosing a pest control service, hire an experienced and reputable company. You may ask relatives and neighbors to find a reliable one.

You can also search the internet to find the best service provider near your locality. Choose the ones with positive reviews and a reasonable price.



Nobody likes bed bugs in their home. These organisms may survive in any environment as long as they can get blood. If you find a single bedbug, be careful and start to identify them. Once you have them, apply the tips mentioned here to eliminate them.

These tips are: vacuuming, heat and steam, using alcohol and vinegar, regular cleaning of mattresses, and fixing up gaps in between walls and furniture. 

You may also try hiring pest control service and insecticide oils and dust to remove bedbugs away from your home.

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