Affectionate Animals That Will Immediately Brighten Up Your Life

They are affectionate animals that may not speak our language but that doesn’t stop animals from forming life-changing bonds with their ‘hoomans’. Of course, when we think of affectionate animals.

We normally think about the usual suspects who share our homes with us. However, there are plenty of other species capable of connecting on a human level.


The Most Affectionate Animals That Will Immediately Brighten Up Your Life

Here are just a few of the animals most likely to connect with us, proving that human-animal relationships are more common than you think!


1. Dogs

Affectionate Animals

The most obvious candidate for unlimited cuddles is man’s best friend. Just one pet on the head or tummy tickle can send dogs into an excited frenzy, starting the first building blocks of a rewarding relationship for both of you.

Our love for dogs actually goes centuries back when humans realized that work dogs can actually make their lives easier in certain industries.

Of course, the bond we make is dependent on the breed of dog and any past trauma the dog might have endured.


2. Cats

Affectionate Animals

Other obvious contenders for human affection are our feline companions. They might not be as friendly as dogs upon first meeting but after some trust-building and plenty of treats, they eventually come around.

In fact, bonds between humans and cats are even stronger than with dogs. Rather than just being the person that feeds them and takes them for walks, cats boast a high emotional intelligence that tells them how you are feeling and even enables them to read facial expressions!


3. Rabbits

Affectionate Animals

A favorite with young children, rabbits have been specially bred to highlight the more affectionate sides of their nature. This includes being comfortable with human handling and even enjoying interaction with humans.

It takes more time to connect with a rabbit than with a cat or dog. Build a strong relationship by giving them plenty of feeding hay, providing them with an interactive environment that stimulates their body and mind, and lavishing them with lots of attention. Without it, they’re quickly prone to loneliness.


4. Dolphins

Affectionate Animals

One of the more surprising entries on this list, dolphins are remarkably intelligent animals who are capable of forming strong bonds with humans.

If you don’t believe this, simply watch these playful animals jumping, diving, and performing tricks during a dolphin show.

They’re also master imitators. Whether it’s a verbal or physical gesture, dolphins are amazing and mimic whatever is in front of them and put on a great show whilst doing it.


5. Alpacas

Affectionate Animals

There’s a reason alpaca trekking is so popular. Surprisingly affectionate and friendly, these quirky creatures can follow human guidance and are partial to wrapping their necks around humans and fellow group members in order to emotionally connect. After all, who can resist a cuddle with one of these guys?

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