What are the Top 5 Animals With Long Tails?

Although there are various animals with long tails on the planet, we have been able to surf for the top 5 animals with long tails for our readers to know. It will shock you though to know that the leopards are not in the top 5!


What Land Mammal Has the Longest Tail?

Animals With Long Tails
The Giraffe

The giraffe possesses the longest tail of any mammal that lives on land. An average giraffe’s tail is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 meters in length.


What are the Top 5 Animals With Long Tails? (From the Least)

  • The Angola Colobus:

The lack of habitat and increased levels of hunting pressure has put the Angola colobus on the list of endangered species. The species is hunted not only for its flesh but also for its luxurious fur, which is frequently utilized in the manufacturing of garments and other goods. The bushmeat trade is another hazard to the Angola colobus because this species is frequently traded for the purpose of being consumed as food.


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  • The Giraffes:

Giraffes are the tallest extant terrestrial animals and the largest ruminants. They belong to the genus of African even-toed ungulate mammals known as giraffes. In addition to this, their tails are the longest of any animal on the entire planet.

The type species for the genus is the Giraffa camelopardalis, which is one of at least eleven species that make up the genus. Seven of these species have now been extinct, but their remains have been preserved for posterity.


  • The Red Kangaroo:

The Red Kangaroo is the world’s largest kangaroo, as well as Australia’s largest terrestrial mammal and a marsupial. Kangaroos can grow to be as tall as 6.6 feet (2 meters) and as heavy as 200 pounds when fully mature (90 kg).

With lighter reds on its belly and forearms, the Red Kangaroo has a dark reddish brown coat. Australia’s dry inland regions are the habitat of this species. It usually lives in the deserts, grasslands, and forests of the world.


  • The Spider Monkeys:

Spider monkeys, one of the Americas’ largest primates, may reach a weight of nine kilograms (20 lb). Trees are where they spend much of their time, as they are nocturnal creatures. In groups of up to 40 individuals, they are extremely gregarious.

Although they are little, spider monkeys are exceptional climbers and can even hang upside down from branches using their tails to balance themselves. Fruits, flowers, and leaves are the bulk of their diet, although they also consume insects and small vertebrates.


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  • The Ring-Tailed Lemur:

The ring-tailed lemur is an endangered species due to the degradation of its natural habitat, as well as hunting for bushmeat and the pet trade.

The length of their bodies ranges from around 40 to 45 centimeters (16 to 18 inches), and their weight ranges from 2.0 to 3.5 kilograms (4.4 to 7.7 lb).

It has fur that is a combination of grey and brown, with white bands on the underside of the tail, and a black band that runs the length of the tail. The eyes and the nose are black, while the rest of the face is white.

Tip-Off: What Do Giraffes Use their Long Tails For?

Running and walking are made easier by the long tail, which also functions as a means of communication. It is not uncommon to see giraffes use their tails as a means of climbing trees. Fly swatting can be accomplished with the tail as well.

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