Bed Bug Bites: Top 5 Facts You Must Know

The worst part is that you may have an infestation before you know it. Moreover, you may fail to notice bed bug bites even as they suck your blood while asleep.

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests American homeowners have to deal with. They can enter your home from the most unexpected sources: your neighbour or friend’s place, a hotel room, and even the school bags of your kids.

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What are the 5 Facts You Must Know About Bed Bug Bites?

Bed Bug Bites
Bed Bug Infestation Can Be Dangerous and Should Be Avoided at All Cost

Knowing the facts about these bites can help you spot these pests and get rid of them sooner rather than later. Here are some vital facts about bed bug bites that every homeowner must know.


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Fact 1: Bites can happen anywhere

Bed bug bites can happen anywhere on your skin. These tiny pests only need an exposed surface to get started with bloodsucking.

You may get bites on your face, neck, hands, arms, shoulders, legs, and any area you leave uncovered while sleeping.

It means covered clothing can give you some defence against the problem. But you must look for a long-term solution, like extermination by experts.

Fact 2: Symptoms may go unnoticed for some people

While bed bug bites are imperative when you have these pests in your space, some people may not even notice the symptoms.

If you pay attention, you will see small red dots. There may be inflammation and irritation, so it is easy to take them frivolously, but you shouldn’t do it.

Your partner or kids may experience severe problems. Thankfully, homeowners across the US can rely on professionals to eliminate these pests for good.

If you live in Philadelphia, connect with a Philadelphia bed bug exterminator for the job. DIY is not the right way to handle infestations because this is a stubborn pest.

Fact 3: Others may experience more severe outcomes

The outcomes of bed bug bites may vary from person to person. Although everyone experiences irritation, redness, and inflammation, things may get serious for some people.

The severe outcomes of bites include blisters, fever, difficulty breathing, an irregular heartbeat, and a swollen tongue.

Do not wait for things to get out of control, but get help when you notice the first signs of infestation and bites.


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Fact 4: Sleep deprivation is a possibility

Not surprisingly, these tiny intruders can give you sleepless nights. You may not feel the sting right away, but the irritation can keep you awake.

Moreover, the thought of pests feeding on your blood can be stressful. You may end up with health issues like missing out on sleep, feeling lethargic, and experiencing depression. The entire situation can even affect your mood and work productivity.

Fact 5: You may need treatment for allergy

When bites surface in their worst form, they can cause an allergic reaction. You will need treatment to resolve the problem. Your doctor may recommend an antihistamine, epinephrine, or an injectable corticosteroid.

You may even need antibiotics if the wounds get infected. Severe itchiness may lead to scarring, and you will need corticosteroid creams to heal the scars.


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Bed bug bites are more serious than you imagine, so you need to build defences against them. The best way to deal with them is by exterminating these pests as soon as possible.

If you believe you have been bitten by bed bugs, it’s essential to take steps to address the infestation and alleviate symptoms.

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