Benefits of Allowing Students to Bring Pets With Them to College

What are the benefits of allowing students to bring pets with them to college? Everyone is well aware of the fact that pets have a positive effect on the development, behavior, character, and many other aspects of children’s lives.

They are perfect playmates, they teach children to take care of other creatures, they reduce the likelihood of allergies, no matter how surprising it may sound, and these are only several facts that scientists and doctors talk about.


What are the Benefits of Allowing Students to Bring Pets With Them to College?

For teenagers, the number of positive moments is not smaller and maybe even bigger. Below we look at some of the benefits that students can get from being allowed to have or bring their pets to college.

Benefits Of Pets To Students 


1. Helps to cope with stress

When college students begin a new stage in their lives, for many of them it is quite a stressful process. Some of them miss home, someone cannot get used to living alone, and they miss their relatives and friends.

The number of items a student can take with them is usually limited by the size of the room on campus. Living with one of your relatives is also very problematic, only if you have a sibling of the same age.

Therefore, a perfect option may be a pet that will always be there and will help to cope with excessive stress. 


2. Allows you to have a pet for the first time

Many parents do not allow their children to have pets. The reasons may be different, but the most common argument is that any animal can cause damage to the house.

Therefore, the permission to keep an animal on campus could allow many students to own an animal for the first time in their life. This also applies to exotic animals, such as, for example, a spider or praying mantes.

If you live at home, then you need to consider the opinions of other members of your family, and if your sister or mother are terrified by insects, you are unlikely to be allowed to have such a pet. College allows you to do what you want to do.


3. Can help you earn extra money

If you do not have your pet, but you love them, then you always have the opportunity to earn additional income by offering your services, for example, pet walking.

Or if the owner does not have enough time, he could use the services of a person who is ready to take the animal to the groomer, visit the veterinarian, buy the food, etc.

In this case, everyone only wins: the owner can continue their studies, for example, writing an essay or preparing for an exam, the other person earns a few dollars by completing a simple task, and the animal gets what it needs.

The only point that should be taken into account in this case, is that the choice of such a person to whom you are ready to entrust your pet must be done with great responsibility.

For example, when visiting some places, we always read reviews on Google, and when using a writing service, students can always check the reviews of John Milovich from to confirm that the chosen service is a good one.

No one wants to entrust their money to some company or writing service and then receive nothing. Especially if you have a deadline.

Another trustworthy site to check the reviews is  Delegating your assignments to professionals, you’ll free much time that can be spent with your furry friends! 


4. Develops responsibility

As students become more self-reliant in college, the need to care for someone can develop a sense of responsibility.

The pets don’t differ a lot from small children, they need to be fed, cared for, and paid attention to, you have to be attentive to their behavior and upbringing.

Therefore, for example, getting up every day at 6 am to take the animal for a walk helps to set priorities correctly, plan your day, and teaches you to be responsible for those you tame.


5. Can help you to make friends 

Usually, even the most serious people find it very difficult to hold back a smile at the sight of a cute pug or a little white cloud, a.k.a Pomeranian.

Therefore, walking around the campus with a dog or a cat significantly increases the probability of making new acquaintances.

You can also organize a cat, dog, parrot, or chinchilla fan club. Meeting like-minded people can be a great opportunity to build strong friendships since you have at least one common interest.


6. You will always be in good shape

It is also a well-known fact that people who have a pet lead a more active lifestyle. Walking your dog allows you to spend more time outdoors, which improves your lungs.

You walk more and sometimes even run, which helps to strengthen your cardiovascular system. In addition, it is quite difficult to gain excess weight if you walk your dog at least twice a day.

Not a single pet will let you get bored, and your daily activity will increase.


7. Decreased levels of depression and feelings of loneliness

Depression and feelings of loneliness are fairly common problems for college students. The load of the average student in the learning process only increases and reaches its peak before graduation.

Communication with other students is drastically reduced, therefore, in such a situation, having a living creature nearby that can distract and make you smile is a positive thing and can contribute to a stable mental state of students.

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