7 Best Pet Reptiles for Beginners: Unleash Your Inner Herp Enthusiast

Do you know the best pet reptiles for beginners, if you are looking forward to adopting a pet, reptiles might be your best choice? These shiny scale creatures are unique and do not have a lot of care requirements, catching the eye of many animal lovers.

However, as a beginner reptile keeper, you should choose a reptile that fits all your needs and is well-accommodated at your house.


7 Best Pet Reptiles for Beginners

This article will tell you about the seven best pet reptiles for beginners and their unique care requirements.


1. Leopard Gecko

Best Pet Reptiles For Beginners

Leopard geckos are a popular species among the reptile community. They make great pets for beginners and are easy to care for. Leopard geckos have a unique appearance and are docile lizards. They also have a minimum care requirement making them a perfect match for novice owners.

Leopard geckos are insectivorous and feed on small feeder insects. They also require an average-sized enclosure and minimal attention. Leopard geckos are also active and love to interact with their owners, making them easy to handle and care for.

If you are looking for a pet that is beginner-friendly and seeks interaction with its owner, leopard geckos might be a great choice for you.


2. Bearded Dragons

Best Pet Reptiles For Beginners

Another popular reptile that is placed high among reptile lovers is the bearded dragon. Bearded dragons are known for their friendly and social nature, making them a perfect match for families.

Beardies have moderate care requirements, including specific temperature and lighting. Thus, making them a great choice for new reptile owners.

Bearded dragons require a clean environment and maintenance to thrive. They are also omnivorous and eat a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and small insects. Bearded dragons have a moderate temperament and will not act aggressively until provoked or threatened.


3. Corn Snakes

Best Pet Reptiles For Beginners

Corn snakes are an excellent choice for beginner reptile owners. Corn snakes have a docile nature and have a low maintenance requirement. These snakes are magnificent in appearance and come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Corn snakes are also small in size, as compared to other reptiles, and need an average-sized tank to live in. This decreases the additional cost of owning a serpent, making them a budget-friendly option to consider.

Corn snakes are carnivorous and need a simple yet well-balanced diet. These snakes also have a calm temperament and love to interact with their owners.


4. Crested Gecko

Best Pet Reptiles For Beginners

Owning a crested gecko is a unique experience. Crested geckos are arboreal creatures and spend most of their time climbing trees and exploring their enclosure. These creatures have fascinating characteristics, such as big eyes and prehensile tails. Crested geckos have a moderate care requirement and are well-adjusted.

These lizards have a simple care requirement and feed on commercially available powdered diets. Crested geckos are also small in size and do not require a spacious terrarium to live in. These creatures are not easily handled as bearded dragons but like to engage and socialize with their owners.


5. Russian Tortoise

Best Pet Reptiles For Beginners

If you are searching for a long-term pet with whom you can build a strong bond, a Russian tortoise might be a great choice for you. Russian tortoises can live up to 40 years, making them lifelong companions.

These tortoises are herbivorous and mostly consume leafy greens and fruits. Crested geckos also have a minimal diet and habitat needs. Although, it is important to check if they have ample space to roam around freely.

Russian Tortoise has an adapting nature and can survive in various climates. They can get a bit territorial and should be kept alone in their tanks.  As these reptiles have a minimum care requirement they make an excellent choice for novice owners.


6. Ball Pythons

Best Pet Reptiles For Beginners

We have all heard of someone owning a ball python. These creatures are famous among the reptile community and are easy to handle.

The only care requirement that ball pythons need is the temperature and humidity levels inside the tank. Generally, when you place a ball python in a proper enclosure, they are not left with a lot of care requirements.

Ball pythons also come in a wide variety of colorations and patterns. The cost of a ball python depends on its rarity and the morph of its skin. The magnificent appearance of this creature makes it a popular pet amongst the reptile community.


7. Blue-Tongued Skink

Blue-Tongued Skink

If you are looking for a hardy and robust reptile, then a blue-tongued skink is the best choice for you. These creatures have a distinctive blue tongue which makes them safe from predators by appearing poisonous.

Blue-tongued skink also has minimal diet care requirements and is omnivorous. Blue-tongued skinks can also grow up to a large size and need a spacious terrarium to live in. They also have specific care requirements such as the temperature and humidity level.


Final Thoughts

Reptiles can be the perfect pets for your household if you choose the right species. All the reptiles mentioned above serve as the perfect pets for beginner reptile owners.

You should be aware of the care requirements, temperament, and space availability before making your final decision. 

If you are on a budget, you should also look into the additional cost of owning each reptile. All reptiles are unique in their way and have majestic appearances, choose a pet that best fits your needs and will live happily in your household.


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