What is the Biggest Horse in the World?

Clydesdales, despite being 68 inches tall and weighing 1,907 pounds, are the second biggest horse in the world. Originally from Scotland, they got their name from Scottish soldiers who rode them along the Clyde River into battle.

The biggest horse in the world can be somewhat difficult to find because of the breed’s rarity. Researching reputable horse rescues or breeders online is often your best bet.

If the Clydesdale is not the biggest, what then is the biggest horse in the world?


What is the Biggest Horse in the World?

Biggest Horse In The World
Picture of the Biggest Horse in the World

Sampson, a shire horse, holds the distinction of being the biggest horse in the world. The shire breed is renowned for its ability to produce exceptionally large equines.

On average, a shire horse has a height of 68 inches and a weight of 2,200 pounds. Living history farms continue to utilize the shire, a breed originally developed for the purpose of pulling heavy carts in agricultural settings, breweries, and coal mines.

The typical colours of these animals are black, bay, grey, or brown, with the exception of chestnut. Although a small white marking on the face or front leg is not considered a flaw, an excessive amount of white is not considered desirable.


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What is the Size of the Biggest Horse in the World?

The shire horse is recognized as the tallest breed of horse, typically measuring between 16 and 18 hands, which corresponds to approximately 64 to 72 inches in height.

Certain shires can grow to a height of 19 hands, which is equivalent to 76 inches or more. Typically, the stallions of this breed tend to be taller than the mares. The breed generally has a weight range of 1,800 to 2,400 pounds.


What is the Colour of the Biggest Horse in the World?

The biggest horse in the world is typically observed in colours such as black, bay, grey, or brown. According to the breed standard in the United Kingdom, chestnut colours are not permitted.

Although horses of this breed commonly exhibit white facial and leg markings, an abundance of such markings is not preferred.


What is the Behaviour of the Biggest Horse in the World?

The biggest horse in the world is renowned for its relaxed disposition.

Shires have been found to be susceptible to chronic progressive lymphedema, a chronic condition characterized by gradual swelling, thickening of the skin (hyperkeratosis), and the development of fibrous tissue in the lower limbs.

The illness bears resemblance to chronic lymphedema observed in human beings.


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What Does the Biggest Horse in the World Feed On?

The biggest horse in the world consumes a typical equine diet consisting of high-quality hay, grains, vegetables, and fruits.

To maintain a healthy body weight, they require a greater quantity of food and water compared to a horse of average size.

Certain veterinarians suggest the implementation of high-fat diets as a preventive measure against polysaccharide storage myopathy, a medical condition that may lead to spasms in the hind legs.


What is the Grooming Requirement of the Biggest Horse in the World?

Regular brushing and cleaning of the feathering on a shire horse’s lower legs is necessary to prevent skin irritation and infection.

It is crucial to thoroughly dry the feathers following a bath, as a moist environment can facilitate the growth of bacteria and fungi.

In addition, the biggest horse in the world undergoes routine equine grooming procedures. However, it may be necessary to utilize a durable stool or ladder in order to access the elevated areas of your horse’s physique.


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Despite their large size, shire horses are generally easy to handle, even for individuals who lack experience in owning and riding horses.

Certain individuals may require assistance in getting onto the ride; however, they can reasonably anticipate a seamless experience once aboard.

The biggest horse in the world exhibits infrequent instances of rearing or bucking, and possesses a notable resistance to being easily frightened. They possess a strong desire to satisfy and are highly receptive to instruction.

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