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13 Birds That Eat Snakes in 2023

Welcome to the captivating world of birds that eat snakes. These feathered predators have a wide range of amazing adaptations that help them keep the delicate balance of their environments and show how nature’s predator-prey relationships are truly amazing.

In this article, we’ll explore the intriguing world of birds that eat snakes, from their hunting techniques to their ecological significance.


Do Birds Eat Snakes?

Yes, birds eat snakes, demonstrating nature’s complex predator-prey connections. With their airborne skills and sharp hunting instincts, birds have created many snake-catching methods.

Their ability to prey on snakes depends on their species, size, and hunting strategies. However, it is important to note that although not all bird species eat snakes, many can do so when the opportunity arises.

Eagles, hawks, owls, and Secretary Birds are known snake hunters. They have evolved specific adaptations, such as sharp talons and powerful beaks, to capture and consume snakes efficiently. These birds do us a favor by helping to manage snake populations in their environments.


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Can Birds Eat Venomous Snakes?

Yes, some birds are capable of eating venomous snakes without succumbing to their toxins. These birds have evolved resistance or immunity to snake venoms, allowing them to feast on even the most venomous serpents.


What Bird Eats Venomous Snakes?

One notable bird known for its ability to consume venomous snakes is the Secretary Bird. This impressive bird of prey, native to Africa, has long legs, sharp talons, and a powerful beak that allows it to hunt and kill venomous snakes, including cobras.

Other birds that can feed on Venomous snakes are:

  • Hawks
  • Eagles
  • Owls


What Are the Best Birds to Keep Snakes Away?

While no bird can completely eliminate snake populations, certain species can help deter snakes from entering certain areas. Birds of prey like owls, hawks, and eagles are natural snake predators and can discourage snakes from inhabiting their territory.


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Do Some Snakes Eat Birds?

Yes, some snake species have adapted to prey on birds. Arboreal snakes, such as tree boas and green tree pythons, would climb trees in order to reach bird nests to consume the eggs and young of the nesting birds.


13 Birds That Eat Snakes

1. Secretary Bird 

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of a Secretary bird

The Secretary Bird is well-known for its extraordinary hunting skills, particularly its ability to capture and eat snakes, including venomous ones, thanks to its long legs and keen beak.

2. Hawks

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of Ferruginous Hawk

Hawks are feared raptors due to their superior vision, strong talons, and ability to hunt down and consume a wide variety of prey, including poisonous snakes.

3. Eagles

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of a bald eagle, one species of eagle that eats snakes.

Large eagles like the Bald Eagle have been observed hunting and consuming snakes.

4. Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of an Osprey

Ospreys are skilled fish hunters but also occasionally take snakes as prey.

5. Kites

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of the red kite Bird.

Swallow-tailed Kites are known to feed on snakes and other reptiles.

6. Crows

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of Carrion crow

Crows are smart and versatile birds that can survive in a variety of settings, including metropolitan neighborhoods, where they have been seen eating snakes on occasion.

7. Roadrunners

Birds That Eat Snakes
A photo of a roadrunner running in the dirt.

Roadrunners are renowned for their distinctive appearance and fast-running capabilities. They feed primarily on snakes and other tiny creatures that make their way through the desert.

8. Cattle Egrets

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of a cattle egret bird

These birds follow large mammals and feed on insects and small animals, including snakes.

9. Owls

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of an eagle owl

Owls are renowned for their skill as hunters, particularly due to their stealthy flying, incredible night vision, and formidable claws.

10. Herons

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of a grey heron standing in the water looking alert.

Some herons, like the Great Blue Heron, can capture and consume snakes.

11. Pheasants

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of a pheasant bird.

Wild pheasants may eat small snakes.

12. Guinea Fowl

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of a couple of helmeted guinea fowl.

These domestic birds are known for their snake-eating habits.

13. Peafowl

Birds That Eat Snakes
A picture of a peafowl

Peafowl have been observed eating small snakes, insects, and other prey.


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In conclusion, the world of birds that eat snakes is a fascinating one, showcasing nature’s intricate web of predator-prey relationships. These birds help maintain a healthy ecosystem by reducing snake numbers, highlighting the delicate balancing act that is the natural world.

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