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Why Is the Blue Merle French Bulldog a Distinct Breed?

The blue Merle French Bulldog exhibits distinct attributes that set them apart from other French Bulldogs. One of these exceptional characteristics is their strikingly blue eyes.

The presence of the merle gene in French Bulldogs not only impacts their skin pigmentation but also influences the colouration of their eyes.

Consequently, when a merle patch extends across the eye region, it results in the manifestation of vibrant and enduring blue eye colouration in these dogs.

The term “Blue Merle” refers to a coat colour pattern found in some dog breeds, characterized by mottled or French Bulldogs that are indeed well-suited to serve as excellent companions for families.

Typically, they have amicable interactions with children and demonstrate good behaviour when coexisting with other animals.


How Do I Describe the Blue Merle French Bulldog?

Blue Merle French Bulldog
Picture of the Blue Merle French Bulldog

The subject of discussion is a canine with a coat colouration known as “Blue Merle.” The French Bulldog is a breed of dog originating from France, characterized by its distinct coat pattern known as Blue Merle.

The Merle pattern has the potential to influence the pigmentation of various anatomical features, including the eyes, nose, and paw pads.

These animals can be readily identified because of their light-coloured primary fur layer, which is adorned with darker patches distributed uniformly across their entire physique.

The patches exhibit a diverse range of colours, including blue, black, and lilac. Merle French Bulldogs frequently exhibit the distinctive trait of possessing lustrous blue eyes, a somewhat uncommon feature within the breed.

If one is seeking a really exceptional French Bulldog, a merle variant may be the suitable choice.


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How Do I Describe the Colour of the Blue Merle French Bulldog?

The term “Blue Merle” refers to a coat colour pattern found in some dog breeds, characterized by mottled or French Bulldogs being highly desirable puppies in several colour variations.

The nomenclature of this species is derived from the presence of azure markings on its pale-hued fur, which exhibit a mostly greyish hue with a discernible bluish iridescence under illumination.

The chromaticity of the grey sections exhibits a wide spectrum, ranging from a highly luminous hue to an almost achromatic shade, while their underlying tonality encompasses a gamut spanning from a yellowish cream tint to a pale grey hue.


How Do I Describe the Behaviour of the Blue Merle French Bulldog?

Blue Merle French Bulldogs are renowned for their exceptional temperaments, comparable to those of other French Bulldogs.

These dogs exhibit a remarkable degree of affection, rendering them highly suitable as companion animals.

They display a strong inclination to be in constant proximity to their owners, desiring to allocate every moment of their time in their presence.

Canines of this breed exhibit a high degree of affability towards children and other members of the animal kingdom, displaying a propensity to form positive connections with those they encounter, regardless of their familiarity.

These individuals possess a jovial disposition, eliciting joy and amusement from others by their comical and lighthearted actions.

Due to their amiable disposition, Merle French Bulldogs have a remarkable ability to swiftly acclimate to various living environments, regardless of geographical location.


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Tip-Off: How Much Can I Buy a Blue Merle French Bulldog?

As anticipated, hues that are often associated with the breed tend to be priced at a lower range, whilst colours that are comparatively distinct and require more effort to make are correspondingly priced at a higher range.

In regard to Merle French Bulldogs, they already fall inside a higher price bracket. However, the specific colour variation of these canines might lead to significant fluctuations in their respective costs.

As an illustration, French Bulldogs with a blue fawn merle coat are assigned the lowest value, commencing at a price point of 4,990 USD.

Conversely, French Bulldogs with a lilac merle coat can command prices reaching as high as 8,990 USD.

The presence of permanent blue eyes is also associated with a slight increase in pricing since we apply a fee of 500 USD for each blue eye.

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