Bumblebees vs Honey Bees; Facts, Differences, and Comparison

Bumblebees vs honey bees, both belong to the bee world, but it’s obvious you want to know more about the bumblebees and honey bees, however, you want to unravel all mysteries surrounding these creatures. Well, lucky for you you’re in the right place at the right time.

Just chill, grab a snack if possible and follow me as I am going to reveal the facts, differences, similarities, and control of these pests!!!


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Bumblebees vs Honey Bees Facts

Here are the facts about bumblebees and honey bees, but we proceed to more details, we would like to see a brief video comparing these pests for a better understanding.

Bumblebees vs Honey Bees Video:

Size and Shape of Bumblebees and Honey Bees

When comparing bumblebees and honey bees in terms of size and shape, bumblebees are bigger and hairier than other bees. It is very good at sucking the pollen-grain, this makes it very popular in the bee family.

On the other hand, honey bees have lesser hair compared to the bumblebees, this is one of the major reasons most people would mistake the honey bee, for the yellow jackets. Also, comparing the size of honey bees are smaller compared to the bumblebees.

Bumblebees appear like the head and thorax are one but the honey bees the head and thorax are clearly seen to be apart.

Bumblebees vs Honey Bees Habitat

Bumblebees like to enjoy a good life, truly. On the off chance that a beekeeper or a bee fan doesn’t set up a habitat for them, they’ll look for any nearby place conducive for them to build a habitat, this place might happen to be the space in your rooftop, or an emptied tree just to keep over the ground.

Bees too have lots of predators especially the honey bees, their predators are prowlers, such as ants, skunks, and bears.

Living above the ground gives them protection let’s think of the bumblebees, they have their habitat mostly on rooftops, the height at which their habitat is built gives them imminent nectar trackers to move more than 1000 ft so as to get at the nectar.

Bees are well known to be defensive as a result, anyone allergic or scared of bee bite should go to get honey because both bees can be aggressive when attacked.

Honey bees, on the other hand, build their habitat underground. They find deserted tunnels and construct their homes.

In spite of the fact that they do make honey, they do as such in little amounts on the grounds that not many individuals from the province need to endure the winter and they each head out in their own direction and the battle for themselves. They likewise rest through the winter so no requirement for the huge stores.


Honey bees vs Honey Bees Behavior

Honey bees are as yet known to be a wild pests and have not experienced as a lot of hereditary change as bumble bees have. Honey bees resemble wolves, while bumblebees resemble Labradoodles.

After some time, reproducers have united honey bees for their different attributes including generating honey, disposition and as of late varroa resilience.

Therefore, you’ll see that some bumblebees will be more tolerant of your consistent interruption than a home of honey bees would.


Honey bee vs Honey Bee Stings

Honey bees don’t have the numbers that their cousins have, yet have been equipped with a similar weapon, a stinger.

Nature has along these lines wanted to support them with the capacity to sting on various occasions. In the interim, their partners just get that one possibility.

The impact of the sting on the body is comparable and is generally risky in the event that you have a hypersensitivity to honey bee stings.

Passing by a bumblebee is more typical than a honey bee in view of the numbers in question.

Africanized honey bees, for example, convey the greater part of the state when they are under danger.


Honey bee vs Honey Bee Lifecycle

The Queen is the head of the honey bees and it just one queen. She is like an explorer who searches and discovers safe places to settle and build a habitat.

She constructs cells in which to lay her eggs and thinks about them until they are mature enough to begin thinking about others.

This is the point at which she appoints the greater part of her caring obligations and spotlights on laying the eggs. She just has a couple of months to do this since she’ll be passed by winter to clear a path for some of her bees that are to be Queen.

The life of a Queen bumblebee is really one of qualification. She doesn’t go without a company, which is what a swarm is. At the point when the old sovereign leaves with her steadfast subjects, the new Queen bee isn’t disregarded. In the event that she was, she would starve. She has enough work to deal with her and her young bee.

The sole obligation of the Queen honey bee is to lay eggs. She doesn’t construct brush, doesn’t tidy up, doesn’t do clothing or medically cares for the children. That is left for her little girls that are working as drones.

Thus, she can endure the winter since her little girls will group around all her and themselves to warm.

Provide heat to keep warm is one of the major tasks the queen plans on during winter. The more they are, the more warmth they create. A solid hive will have honey bees that number during the several thousand, while honey bees will just have two or three hundred honey bees in a home.


Bumblebees vs Honey Bees Comparison

Appearance: Honey bees are powerful, huge in bigness, have more hairs on their body and are shaded with yellow, orange and black. Their wings can be effectively observed since they are darkish in color. The tip of their stomach area is adjusted.


Bumblebees are progressively slim in body appearance, have fewer body hairs and wings that are increasingly translucent. The tip of their stomach area is increasingly pointed.

Stings: In general, bumblebees and honey bees are not excessively aggressive when securing their home. Nonetheless, both will promptly sting to guard themselves or their habitat. The essential contrast in their stinging conduct identifies with the more noteworthy number of bumblebees that sting when contrasted with bumblebees. While a bumblebee just stings once, a honey bee is equipped for stinging different times.

Lifespan: The queen honey bee lives for one year and overwinters at the home site. Other individuals live for just a couple of months.

The bumblebee Queen and her posterity live in the hive all year. The queen may live as long as three years.

Habitat: Honey bees commonly make their home underground, however, a few species will settle over the ground.


The bumblebees regularly make their home over the ground in protected areas.

Size of habitat: Honey bee states are a lot littler with an ordinary populace of not exactly two or three hundred people.


Bumblebee homes may number into the many thousands.

Nectar Generation: Both the bumblebees and honey bee produce nectar, honey bees don’t deliver an overflow of nectar like the bumblebees. Along these lines, beekeepers don’t gather honey bee nectar for utilization.


Bumblebees vs Honey Bees; Pictures

Here are pictures of bumblebees and honey bees;

Bumblebees Vs Honey Bees
Bumblebees Vs Honey Bees
Honey bees


Bumblebees vs Honey Bees Control

They are various ways in which bumblebees and honey bees can be controlled, but in serious infestation cases, we advised you to contact any pest control expert near you.

Here are the various ways of controlling bumblebees and honey bees.

Soapy water: This is one of the best, safe and effective ways to control bumblebees and the honey bees. Soapy water when used is an effective technique in getting the bumblebees and honey bees drowned but in most cases when they are clustered in an exposed swarm. It is not as effective and is not the best way to control these pests, already built habitat in places like trees, rooftops, or underground nests.

Another effective technique for getting rid of these pests is mixing a cup of ordinary liquid dishwashing detergents in the ratio of  3/4-1 to 1 gallon of water. Also, use the mixture in a firmly held container will ensure effective spray, or using a pump sprayer.

However, applying the mixed liquid on the swarm continuously will drown the outer layer of the bees swarm which will make them fall off.

We hope with this review, you’ll be guided on the search query bumblebees vs honey bees; facts, difference, comparison, and control. Contact us for further guidance.

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