Can Dogs Eat Cake? Facts You Should Know

Can dogs eat cake? You just got a new dog and this is probably your first time having a dog as a pet and you are worried about the best kind of food to give to your dog?

I’ve got you covered, I’m going to let you know what kind and type of food to give to your dog, the most nutritious food to give to your dog, and food that is harmful to your dog.


Food Brands Safe For Dog Consumption

This list is complied based on the nutritious content of the food.

  • The Farmer’s Dog

One of the best food you could give to your dog is the farmer’s dog food brand. It is good and advisable for use because it uses human meats and no added chemicals which could harm your beloved dog.

The most interesting thing about this brand is that you order the food base on a nutrition plan. So what you have to do is simply go their website, fill in all the details about your dog(e.g;age, Size, height).

The brand has a nutrition vet who will use the information you have given to process a customized nutrition plan for your dog, then you can then order the customized meal for your dog.

However, you don’t have to worry if your dog is getting enough nutrients, the meal has been customized to fit your dog. You can store the meal in a refrigerator and just defreeze it when next you want to use it.

  • K9 Natural Beef Feast Raw Grain

This brand of food is considered the best kind of dog food ever packaged because it is very rich in protein which will make your dog really energetic.

The food also has a good proportion of vegetables e.g pumpkin, pears, mussels, in it which makes it balanced diet for your dog. The brand is very expensive but you will agree with me that it is worth the price for your dog to be energetic and alert.

  • Canidae Pure Ancestral Red Meat Formula

This is another dog brand that is very nutritious for a dog. It contains various varieties of meat; there’s lamb, pork, goat, bison, wild board and venison inside just one package!

Extra nutritious vitamins has also been added to make sure your dog has all the nutrients it requires to grow healthy and it’s sold between 75-80 dollars.

  • Nature’s Logic Sardine Meal

This brand of dog food is very rich in fish protein, which is very good for your dog because fish protein contain Omega fatty acids that develops your dog’s brain and boosts it’s immune system making your dog very intelligent and healthy.

Apart from fish protein, the brand also has nutritious vegetables like spinach and apricots in the package to make the meal balanced diet.

One disappointing thing about this brand is that the food odor makes it to be repulsive to a human sense organ because it has a very strong odor but trust me your dog will like the food and its is good for him. The brand is sold for about 90-95 dollars.


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Types of Dogs Food

There are four main types of dogs food

  • Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food consist of fresh unprocessed dog food like raw meat, organic and uncooked bones, this type of dog food could easily be bought from a super market so it’s available and advisable to use.

If the food is been refrigerated for a long time, the food could become unhealthy for your dog, it is not good to refrigerate them for more than 5 days.

  • Semi-moist Dog Food

Semi-moist dog food contains artificial colors, flavors and high in salt, sugar and water content. They are very healthy and your dog will really love the semi-moist food but it’s quite expensive.

  • Kibble/Dry Food

This type of dog food is very common as it is very easy to preserve and prepare for your dog, it is not expensive and contain the adequate nutrients your dog’s body requires. Another good thing about dry dog food is that chewing on the food will make your dog’s teeth healthy.

  • Canned Dog Food

Canned dog food is really expensive but your dog will like it. The disadvantage of canned dog food is that some brands have more water inside of them than the nutritious food content and a lot of indigestible protein which will not build your dog’s bones.

What indigestible protein does is simply pass from the dog’s body without the body absorbing protein. So you might be feeding your dog but it’ll still look malnourished because of the kind of protein in some canned dog food, its best to go with the one that is labeled ‘100% nutritional complete’.

  • Home-cooked Dog Food

The best type of food to give to your dog is a portion of home-cooked dog food. This type of dog food is being prepared by you the owner of the dog.

It is very good to prepare your dog’s food because you will be sure to put in adequate nutrients for your dog and in its right proportion, so you don’t worry if your dog is getting enough nutrients. If you are not sure on how to prepare a good meal for your dog with the correct proportions of nutrients, you could talk to your vet.


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Types of Dog Brand Food Available in Nigeria

If you just got a dog and do not know the brand of food to give to your dog in Nigeria,here is 10 types of dog brand food available in Nigeria. This list is complied based on it’s availability.

  1. Dog chow dog food (27000-28000).
  2. Bully max High performance super premium dog food( 55,000-60,000).
  3. Diamond puppy dog food(16,000-17,000).
  4. Pedigree Dog food (17,000-19,000).
  5. Activipet puppy food(15,000-16,000).
  6. Gran Bonta dry food for adult dog(8,000-10,000).
  7. Dr clauder dog dry food puppy starter(47,000-50,000).
  8. Dog food for all breed(26,000-28,000).
  9. Dog Noodles (23,000-25,000).
  10. Perfecto Dog food all products(10,000-11,000).


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Can Dogs Eat Cake

Can Dogs Eat Cake?

Cakes generally contain many unhealthy ingredients like sugar, fats and wheats which is not good for your dog and could trigger allergies and indigestion thereby causing long health challenges.

It is best to avoid giving your dog any type of cake but chocolate cake is very toxic, it could kill your dog. So no, Dogs can not eat cakes.

Below is a List of Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

  1. Turkey: Turkey is good for your dog but it has to be cooked plain and unseasoned.
  2. Blueberries: Blueberries contain fiber and antioxidants which is very beneficial to your dog’s health.
  3. Carrot: You can give your dog carrot, it is a very good source of vitamin A and chewing on the carrot will help your dog have good dentition.
  4. Peanuts: Unsalted peanut butter is okay for your dog but make sure it does not contain the ingredients (xylitol), Xylitol is very toxic to your dog so be sure to check the ingredient of your butter first before giving it to your dog.
  5. Banana: Bananas are good for your dog but it should be eaten occasionally because It contains sugar which is not very good for dogs.
  6. Apple: Another good food to give your dog is apple, apple is rich in fiber and aids digestion, and contains good vitamins for your dog. However, avoid giving your dog rotting apple because rotting apple contains alcohol and alcohol is harmful to your dog.
  7. White rice: You can give your dog cooked plain white rice, mostly if your dog has diarrhea it will help bind his stool. Rice can also cause sugar level to rise, so it is not advisable to give it to your dog if he has diabetes.
  8. Fish: Fish such as salmon, shrimp, and tuna is a good source of fatty acids for your dog but most be served cooked, uncooked fish has harmful parasites in them that could harm your dog
  9. Chicken: You can give your dog cooked chicken with no added spices.
  10. Watermelon: Watermelons are safe to give to your dog but please make sure you remove all the seeds first to avoid the danger of your dog choking on the seeds


Human Foods That Are Harmful to Dogs

Some of the food that is very good for humans could kill your dog. Do not give your dog:

  1. Avocado
  2. Cherries
  3. Chocolate, coffee, and caffeine
  4. Raisins and grapes
  5. Citrus fruits
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Coconut products
  8. Nuts
  9. Ice cream
  10. Onions and garlic
  11. Raw and uncooked meat
  12. Raw eggs
  13. Salty foods
  14. Xylitol
  15. Bread dough
  16. Alcohol



Dogs body system is ver different from that of a human being so there are food that are good for humans but not good for your dog. It is always good to consult your veterinarian before giving your beloved dog anything.

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