Chiggers in the Bed: How to Get Rid

The sight of having chiggers in the bed or even around your home is not appealing. Chiggers are tiny red bugs that live in packs and they tend to find their way into the home one way or another.

How did I get a chigger infestation, how do I get rid of chiggers in the bed? These and many more are what we will be discussing in this article, with interesting reads stored up for you in relation to chiggers.

For a start, let us have a look at some intriguing facts about the chiggers.


What are the Facts About Chiggers In the Bed?

Chiggers are tiny mites. Tiny to an extent that they cannot be seen with the naked eye unless when in clusters of large numbers on a person’s skin. Chiggers tend to be very aggressive when reacting to the skin. With tiny pincers, the bite and live marks on the skin.

Below are facts about chiggers:

  • Chiggers are not seen with naked eyes.
  • Most species of chiggers like the outdoors.
  • Chiggers bite leaving a painful red hot spot on your skin.
  • Chiggers are wingless insects.
  • These mites, possess 6 legs.
  • The size of a chigger is being compared to the head of a pin.
  • Chiggers are being attracted to body odors, which might one of the reasons for their visit.
  • Chiggers are not insects, but rather known as mites.
  • Though they are classified as mites, chiggers do not feed on blood.
  • After feeding on you, chiggers drop from their host. Thus, metamorphoses take place, making it an eight-legged nymph.


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The Picture Of a Chigger?

Below is the picture of a chigger:

Chiggers In The Bed
Picture Of a Chigger


Chiggers in the Bed

Chiggers are tiny mites, hard to see with the naked eyes. So is it possible for chiggers, just like bed bugs, to infest your bed? Well, from research conducted, we have come to know that chiggers love grassy areas, trees, and the outdoors. However, note that they infest your home.

For pests like chiggers, which love the outdoors, it would be a 15% chance of them surviving inside your home, even if they do, not for too long. So if they cannot survive in your home for too long, then there are no way chiggers in the bed can survive.

In a nutshell, chiggers can hardly or not at all infest your bed, but it is still good to stay hygienic by washing your bedspread and other bed clothing.


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What are Signs Of Chiggers In the Bed?

When a pest infests your home, it leaves certain clues behind, and this behavior is no different from chigger. As they, have various signs of an infestation.

Below are possible signs of a chigger infestation:

  • Reddish spots on the wall.
  • Severe itching in pets, especially dogs and cats.
  • Tiny red spots on your skin.
  • Offensive smell radiating from your skin.
  • Reddish spots in damp areas of your toilets.

These are possible signs of a chigger infestation. And in a case where you notice this, you better act fast to treat with the few ways to get rid of and prevent chiggers from returning to your home.


How Do I Get Rid Of Chiggers in the Bed?

Getting rid of chiggers is one very important action that you should carry out, so with what we have below for you, you will be able to deal with chiggers fast and precise.

  • Apply glue traps to dark and moist areas of your home.
  • Apply new paints to your walls.
  • Lower you lawn.
  • Keep common pet hosts out, like dogs and cats.
  • Use chigger-repellent clothing.
  • Make use of common pesticides.
  • Wipe ground surfaces with strong disinfectant.
  • Wash your bed spread, towel, and other clothing with hot water.
  • Vaccum your rugs and carpets.

Above are effective ways of getting rid of chiggers in the bed, in your pets, out doors, as they tend to cost less and are easy to conduct.


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After reading through our interesting paragraphs on chiggers in the bed, getting the answer to your problem, and other related solutions, such as how to get rid of chiggers, we have called it a close on this article.

Thus, for more inquiries, help, support, conribution, and other questions you need answers to on chiggers in the bed, feel free to let us know what it is we can help you with via the comment section provided below.

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