4 Tips For Effective Cluster Fly Control

Cluster fly control is crucial as these bothersome pests are notorious for infiltrating homes in significant quantities during the winter season in search of warmth.

Allow us to assist you in identifying a Cluster Fly, which can be differentiated from a typical household fly due to its slightly darker and larger appearance, as well as its sluggish movement.

If you find yourself dealing with a bothersome Cluster Fly invasion in your humble abode, fret not! Our esteemed pest control services are here to assist you in eradicating these unwanted intruders.

Our comprehensive guide will equip you with the necessary knowledge to effectively eliminate these pests, utilising top-notch DIY fly control products and employing expert techniques.

Rest assured, your home will soon be free from these pesky nuisances.


Step 1: How To Identify the Cluster Fly

Cluster Fly Control
Picture of the Cluster Fly
  • Cluster flies, those pesky little creatures, measure a mere 8 to 10 millimetres in length.
  • Our team of pest control experts specialises in dealing with cluster flies, which are commonly found in a dark, non-metallic grey colour with distinct light and dark markings on their abdomens.
  • During periods of rest, the wingtips of a cluster fly conveniently interlock, ensuring maximum efficiency and stability.
    Cluster flies, upon alighting on a surface, have been known to leave behind an unsightly, greasy residue.
  • The distinguishing factor between the cluster fly and a typical housefly is the cluster fly’s tendency to exhibit a slower flight pattern, thereby rendering them relatively susceptible to elimination through the use of a newspaper or fly swatter.
  • Just as their name suggests, cluster flies have a tendency to congregate in sizable clusters and can create an undesirable situation within your home.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For Cluster Flies

Commence your meticulous inspection within the confines of the indoor environment. Inspect attics, storage rooms, or wall voids for potential pest presence.

When spring arrives, pests will emerge from their hiding spots and gather around windows and doors. During the onset of autumn, pesky critters may be detected residing within the exterior walls of your establishment.

During our thorough inspection of the exterior of your building or home, we will diligently search for any potential cracks, crevices, slits, or openings that these pesky intruders might exploit to gain access to your structure.

If you have a cluster fly infestation in your home, be aware that it will continue and return. Cluster flies have a strong affinity for a particular home, returning to it each year.

They cleverly release a pheromone that acts as a signal to other cluster flies, indicating that this home is an ideal spot for hibernation and protection from the cold.

We specialise in identifying and locating cluster flies and their elusive hiding spots. Our team of pest control experts is here to address the issue of cluster flies that may be causing disruptions during warm days in the winter or autumn.

If you currently have a population overwintering in your home, kindly allow us to inspect the aforementioned areas, with a particular focus on cracks and crevices within the structure near windows or doors.


Step 3: How to Carry Out Cluster Fly Control

  • Apply Supreme IT:

To effectively deter the overwintering of Cluster Flies, it is imperative to administer a specialised insecticide treatment along the perimeter of your structure. To effectively address this issue, Supreme IT will be employed.

Introducing Supreme IT, the ultimate pest control solution designed to eliminate and deter Cluster Flies from infiltrating your property.

Our pest control solution also boasts a residual or long-term effect, ensuring effective protection for a span of 90 days.

To ensure effective pest control, kindly provide the square footage of the area you wish to treat. This will help determine the precise amount of Supreme I/T required for the task.

We will effectively address your concern by multiplying the length and width together, resulting in the square footage.

To effectively address general applications, it is recommended to combine 1 fluid ounce of Supreme with one gallon of water, which will efficiently treat an area spanning 1,000 square feet.

For an area spanning 2,000 square feet, our pest control solution recommends utilising 2 ounces of Supreme expertly blended with 2 gallons of water.

To ensure effective pest control, it is recommended to follow these steps: Begin by filling your sprayer halfway with water.

Next, carefully add the required amount of Supreme I/T to the sprayer.

Finally, fill the remaining half of the sprayer with water and vigorously agitate the mixture. Once mixed, our team will conduct a thorough perimeter treatment or barrier treatment on the outside of your structure.

We will skillfully spray a protective layer 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the foundation of your structure, ensuring that pests are kept at bay.

Apply our highly effective pest control solution thoroughly throughout your entire property, ensuring to target not only the perimeter but also the windows, doors, eaves, soffits, rain gutters, fascias, garage doors, electrical/plumbing penetrations, as well as any cracks and crevices.

Ensure thorough spraying of all sunny sides of the home to effectively control their congregation before entering indoors.

  • Apply Pyrid Aerosol:

For effective pest control against Cluster Flies indoors, Pyrid is the ideal contact spray to swiftly eliminate them.

Ensure that the can is shaken thoroughly, then precisely aim and release the spray in the direction where the Cluster Flies have congregated. Spray in quick bursts for maximum effectiveness.

Pyrid Aerosol, the ultimate pest control solution, swiftly eliminates flies upon contact, rendering them unable to cause any further nuisance.

  • Apply D-Fense Dust:

To use D-Fense Dust, you will need a handheld duster. Simply fill the duster halfway with D-Fense Dust and leave lots of room for air to circulate inside.

Apply by squeezing the duster. Apply under baseboards, in electrical outlets (remember to turn off the breakers, and take the plastic lid off, and apply to the side of metal encasement if you have one, where the wall voids are found), in attics, and even outdoors in the structure where cracks and crevices are found.


Where Can Cluster Fly Control Products Be Purchased?


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Step 4: How To Prevent Cluster Flies

Once our expert pest control team has effectively treated your premises, rest assured that Cluster Flies will no longer be a nuisance.

However, it is crucial to remain vigilant and take preventive measures to avoid any future re-infestation.

To effectively thwart the invasion of cluster flies into your home, it is imperative to employ exclusionary and preventive measures.

One effective method involves the meticulous sealing of cracks and holes using caulk or the strategic placement of wood pieces to fortify vulnerable gaps and openings.

This proactive approach thwarts the potential infiltration of cluster flies into your living space. Our pest control services commence during the summer or just prior to the onset of Autumn, in anticipation of their potential arrival.

Ensure that screens are present on your doors or windows, and if they are already in place, ensure they are securely fastened and free from any damage. If they are infested, exterminate or eliminate them.

Supreme IT is best applied at the onset of Autumn as a perimeter treatment or barrier treatment, precisely when temperatures begin to decrease.

Our specialised treatment will effectively eliminate and repel Flies, ensuring that they are unable to approach your structure.

For optimal outcomes, kindly administer D-Fense Dust to fissures and gaps subsequent to the application of Supreme IT.


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Watch an Explanatory Video on Effective Cluster Fly Control



Cluster Flies are detected upon the arrival of warmer weather, as they mistakenly perceive it as Spring and commence their flight activity, causing concern among homeowners due to their presence around windows.

Cluster prevention is our speciality. We are here to help you keep those pesky clusters at bay.

Trust us to handle all your cluster prevention needs Prevent fly infestation by expertly sealing cracks and crevices with our top-notch caulk.

Our team will diligently perform preventative treatments using the highly effective Supreme IT and D-Fense Dust during the cooler fall season.

Do well to drop your questions via the comments section below.

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