Dangerous Places in Hawaii [Top 6]

People inside and outside the city of Hawaii will probably want to be aware of the dangerous places in Hawaii, as this city is known for having frequent tourist visits.

From the beaches to the volcanoes and even highways, we have listed in this article the top 6 most dangerous places in Hawaii.

Read on to discover them.


What are the Top 6 Dangerous Places In Hawaii?

1. Queen’s Bath:

Dangerous Places In Hawaii
Queens Bath

There is a fatal side to the stunning Queen’s Bath, a unique tide pool on the island of Kauai. As the tide flows in, the picture-perfect, serene tidal pool will suddenly transform into turbulent waters with waves slamming down.

Unaware of their surroundings, swimmers enjoying the tropical seas run the risk of getting hurt by rocks or, worse, being swept out to sea. When the surf is strong and surges over the pool in the winter, this place is quite dangerous.


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2. Kīlauea Volcano:

Dangerous Places In Hawaii
Kīlauea Volcano

Kilauea, located on Hawai’i Island, recently erupted in September 2023, and though it may seem rather absurd, this volcano is popular for the visits it gets for being the most active and largest in the world.

Since the 1950s, this volcano in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park has erupted numerous times. Lava lakes and vents are common.

Visitors come to the park to witness an active volcano producing lava flows and glistening lakes—a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nevertheless, deviating from the course is quite hazardous.

3. Kalalau Trail:

Dangerous Places In Hawaii
Kalalau Trail

Hiking the Kalalau Trail requires a permit, and at some of the steepest and narrowest parts of the trail, there are warning signs. This is the 3rd of the most dangerous places in Hawaii.

Every year, a large number of adventurers and thrill-seekers trek the jungle trail in defiance of the warnings.

The trail traces the original path used by the Hawaiian settlers who once lived in the area, following the coastline. This was the only way for Hawaiians living in the valley to get land access to the Napali Coast.

Three streams that hikers must bridge can suddenly rise, and there are steep drop-offs that lead directly into the ocean. Hikers have to pass Crawler’s Ledge at about mile seven to continue.

This is something only very fit and experienced hikers should attempt.

4. Lumahai Beach:

Dangerous Places In Hawaii
Lumahai Beach

At Lumahai Beach, massive lava shelves and volcanic rocks are scattered throughout the shore.

This beach is one of the riskiest in Hawaii, despite having picture-perfect golden sand, crashing surf, and lush tropical vegetation surrounding it. So many tourists have died here throughout the years; the locals refer to this beach as “Luma-die.”

The waves are large and powerful since there isn’t a reef to delay the open ocean as it smashes along the beach. Swimming is not advised due to the possibility of dangerous rip currents.


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5. Kahekili Highway:

Dangerous Places In Hawaii
Kahekili Highway

The 20-mile trip around the Kahekili Highway may be lovely, but it’s also infamously hazardous.

Maui’s northwest shore features a short piece of road known as Kahekili Highway, also known as County Route 340. Many rental car companies won’t cover drivers who use the road because it is so dangerous.

With the water plunging down one side and sheer cliffs on the other, the highway consists of just one lane. The most hazardous sections of the route, which the locals refer to as “Death Highway,” lack guard rails altogether.

6. Leap of Faith:

Dangerous Places In Hawaii
Leap of Faith

Cliff-leaping is a common activity on the island of Oahu. Cliff-leaping, albeit exhilarating, can be exceedingly risky. Although it may seem exciting, cliff diving puts you at risk of being struck head-on by a boulder or a stray wave.

In addition, the force of the fall increases quickly, increasing the risk of fractures, concussions, bruising, and spinal damage.

The “Leap of Faith” on the island of Oahu is one of the riskiest locations in Hawaii to leap from a towering cliff into the churning ocean below.

The plunge is 85 feet into choppy waters. The water is not very deep at a shallow tide, and the ocean floor is dotted with jagged rocks.

The ledges that extend from the cliff increase the risk. A jumper will strike the rocks as they descend if they don’t jump far enough away from the edge.


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Dangerous Places In Hawaii (Summary)

1. Queen’s Bath
2. Kīlauea Volcano
3. Kalalau Trail
4. Lumahai Beach
5. Kahekili Highway
6. Leap of Faith

The table above summarizes the top 6 most dangerous places in Hawaii that you should be aware of if you want to pay a visit. Share this with your friends so they can become as aware as you are now!

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