Do Ants Drink Water

Water is one of the basic factors needed to stay alive, there is nothing that can do without water, well is there? We are yet to find out.

Do ants drink water? It’s quite funny to ask, but on second thought ants are really scared and fragile that even a drop from your finger can trap an ant.

As usual, here in pestclue, where mysteries about nature and its gift are solved to their fullest. So again, we have taken up the tasks to tackle this marveling question, do ants drink water?


What are Ants?

Ants are eusocial insects of the Formicidae family that belong to the order Hymenoptera, together with wasps and bees.

Ants descended from vespoid wasp forebears during the Cretaceous epoch and diversified following the appearance of flowering plants.

Over 13,800 of the estimated 22,000 species have been classified.

Their geniculate (elbowed) antennae and the characteristic node-like structure that forms their narrow waists help to identify them.

Ant colonies range in size from a few hundred predatory ants living in small natural cavities to highly organized colonies with millions of individuals occupying enormous territories.

Larger colonies are made up of different castes of sterile, wingless females, the majority of which are laborers (ergates), soldiers (denigrates), and other specialized groupings.

Almost all ant colonies have some viable males known as “drones” and one or more fertile females known as “queens” (gynes).

The colonies are referred to as superorganisms because the ants appear to work as a cohesive entity, cooperatively supporting the colony.


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Facts About Ants

Check out 18 fun, and educating facts about ants that you may think never or cannot exist.

  1.  Ants currently are ranked number one (1) in the animal kingdom for the ability of fastest movement.
  2. They are over 12,000 species of ants globally.
  3. Fire ants cause global damage of over £3 billion every year.
  4. Animal with the reward of the most painful stink in the world is the bullet ants.
  5. Ants exist long before other species of animal, so they are regarded as one of the oldest living animals.
  6. Ants don’t have ears and some eyes.
  7. Ants hear and see through vibrations.
  8. Ants have relatively shock strength and agility regardless of their size.
  9. Ants live and survive together in colonies.
  10. Ants can be located in any part of the world except Antarctica.
  11. Ants do not sleep.
  12. This set of animals does not possess lungs.
  13. Ants possess two stomachs.
  14. Most professions of ants are likely to be farmers.
  15. Ants are capable of lifting 10-50 times their body weight.
  16. After losing a queen, ants do not make a new one, they just die after a month from the death of their queen.
  17. Ants fight back if threatened to be exterminated.
  18. Most ants can swim.


Picture Of Ants

Do Ants Drink Water
Picture Of an Ant

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Signs of Ants Infestation

However, we are still on do ants drink water, we just decided to give you a little clue on ants infestation, however, their infestations are not that serious, but you would not want them interfering with your food.

Ants, however, mostly invade kitchens, because of our food materials, that is why it is important to seal all food properly and keep them warm, or refrigerated.

There are however few ways you can deploy in knowing if ants have been visiting you lately. Below are some examples of an ant infestation. Watch out for them if you find any, you now know you have ants living with you.

  • Alive ants.
  • Ant nest.
  • Ants pathways.
  • Wooden furniture starts to chop off in crumbs.
  • Discarded wings.

Those are signs of possible ant infestation. outside these, they might just be minor cases, but however, need to be attended to. Now to address what this fantastic article on do ants drink water is about.


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Do Ants Drink Water?

Just like other animals, ants need water to live and maintain humidity pressure while in the walls. Ants might not consume water directly but directly through the food they eat.

Ants drink water and a lot of it, depending on body size, they might not take it in like other insects, they use their pincers to break and penetrate water surfaces, sucking it up into themselves.

Moreover, in nutshell, we can easily say that ants do dring water. However, with a different and mechanized manner, unlike other insects.



In conclusion, this is how far we have gone in this article ‘do ants drink water?’ After having gone through our interesting reads and paragraphs, and getting your answer, it’s time we draw the curtains.

So, for more explanation, more clarity, help, and contribution on do ants drink water, feel free to let us know what you think or what your problem is in the comment box.

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