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Do Bedbugs Jump? The Movement of Bedbugs

Do bedbugs jump? Bedbugs are one of the most common house pests and are very familiar visitors in most of our homes, especially our beds. The answer is simple, you want to find out? then, you came to the right place, everything concerning the movement of bedbugs is looked into in detail.


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Facts About Bedbugs

You can’t just rush into the answer, you should at least have a little insight into these bugs before getting to know their pattern of movement. Below are a few facts about bedbugs:

Classification: Bedbugs belong to the class of Insecta.

Appearance: These pests have 6 legs and are tiny with a deep red look and oval in shape.

Reproduction: These bugs have a rapid reproduction rate.

Mode of Feeding: Bed bugs feed mainly on people while they are at rest or sleeping usually at night, and although the bite is not severe, most people won’t feel bitten until after they’re awake. Bed bugs feed for 2 to 9 minutes and move over to the next spot, they can feed on their host several times in one night. But you want to know what’s amazing? these bugs have the ability to live without feeding for 9 to 12 months.

Habitat: When searching for bed bugs, they are easily found indoors most typically found in the bed between the bed and the bed case.  They can live in any type of furniture, rugs, fabrics, and beds.

Bed bug infestations are much more common now because of the increase in travel rate and hotel stays. Although you’re most likely to encounter bed bugs in a hotel (any hotel, not just the cheap ones), you can be exposed to bed bugs in office buildings, restaurants, airports, and though used furniture or clothing.

So you see these guys are likely to be found just about anywhere.


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Do Bedbugs Jump?

Now that you’ve been able to acquire vast knowledge of these bugs, you probably have an idea of what they are, where they live, mode of feeding and lots more. Now to the main question, do bed bugs bite?

Before proceeding into further details, here’s a brief video

Firstly, if you think bed bugs can fly then you’re very incorrect as Bed bugs do not have wings and therefore are not capable of flight. Now you would think they should at least be capable of jumping just like most creatures that lack wings such as the fleas, but these creatures do not have long legs for jumping and so they can’t jump but crawl from one portion of the skin of the host to the other.

Having clarified your concept of the movement pattern of these bugs you would still want to know that these bugs belong to the order Hemiptera meaning true bugs. As mentioned earlier they feed on blood from human beings so obviously they have a piercing and sucking mouthpart just like the ticks, etc.


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Bed bugs undergo a gradual metamorphosis ( a biological process in which the bed bug physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in its body structure through cell growth and differentiation) which is from egg⇒nymph⇒adult. It is somewhat difficult to differentiate the Nymph from the adult as they both look very similar to each other, but the main difference between the two is that the adults can reproduce while the Nymph cannot. Female bed bugs typically lay only a few eggs per day.

Yes, these bugs do not jump, neither do they fly or swim but they aren’t completely useless as you may think them to be. They do not crawl fast as well, but that’s best for them as their prey is always asleep and will minimize the chance of the prey (human beings) waking up. How are they attracted to us? well, when you sleep you emit a very high level of CO2, these forces the bed bug to draw close and find its way to the source of the CO2, which is you.



Now knowing a suitable answer, when next you come across this query Do bedbugs jump? We do hope you’ll be able to give the right answer. However, having mentioned earlier, bedbugs are a common household pest in the event that you now understand how they move, creating a suitable extermination method and control won’t be a problem.

For further help, contribution and suggestion, feel free to drop a comment or do well to contact us.

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