Do Squirrels Lay Eggs?

Do squirrels lay eggs? Have you ever wondered if squirrels, like birds or reptiles, lay eggs to bring forth their young ones?  While we may be familiar with their hoarding habits and bushy tails, there’s one aspect of their lives that remains shrouded in mystery for many: their method of reproduction.

It’s a question that has intrigued nature enthusiasts and curious minds alike. In this article, we explore the deep into the world of squirrels to uncover the truth about their reproductive processes. Read on!

Squirrel Behavior and Characteristics

Squirrels belong to the family Sciuridae, which consists of over 200 species of rodents. Squirrels are known to have:

  • Sharp teeth
  • Bushy tails and
  • The ability to climb trees effortlessly.

They are also known to hoard food in preparation for winter. Squirrels are diurnal which means that they are active during the day and rest at night.


Types of Squirrels

There are three different types of squirrels:

Tree squirrels: The most common kind of squirrels are called tree squirrels, and some of the species that fall into this category are the grey squirrel, the red squirrel, and the fox squirrel.

Flying squirrels: Squirrels that can glide from tree to tree with a flap of skin located between their legs are referred to as flying squirrels. These squirrels are smaller than their ground-dwelling counterparts.

Ground squirrels: On the other hand, ground squirrels make their homes in burrows that are dug into the ground.


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The Life Cycle of a Squirrel

Do Squirrel Lay Eggs
Picture of a Squirrel

In the wild, the average lifespan of a squirrel is between three and five years, however, some species can live far longer in the company of humans or in man-made environments. Their existence can be broken down into three main stages:

  • Infancy
  • Adolescence,
  • Adulthood.


How do Squirrels Give Birth?

Unlike some reptiles and amphibians, which give birth to their young as eggs, squirrels give birth to their young alive. Squirrel mothers often give birth to litters consisting of anything from two to six young, which are referred to as kits or pups.


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How Many Months Is a Squirrel Pregnant?

The amount of time that a female squirrel stays in gestation varies from species to species, but it generally ranges between 29 and 65 days.

Some species of squirrels, such as the Eastern Grey Squirrel take longer days, giving birth to their young after a gestation period of about 44 days.


How do Squirrels Take Care of Their Young Ones?

There are several ways squirrels take care of their young ones, however, they are excellent caregivers who protect their young by:

  • Building nests
  • Feeding them, and
  • Grooming them.

Squirrel mothers nurse their young for up to at least eight weeks before releasing them into the wild.


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Do Squirrels Lay Eggs?

Squirrels do not lay eggs. Despite their nests seeming very much like bird nests, these creatures are indeed mammals. These furry creatures give birth to live offspring, commonly referred to as “kits.”

So, while squirrels may have a talent for imitating bird construction, their reproductive method is actually mammalian. Next time you spot a squirrel nest, remember, that there are no eggs involved, it is just the charm of these lively tree-dwellers.


What Makes People Think Squirrels Lay Eggs?

Most people think squirrels lay eggs because of the way they gather food and store it. The nut-burying behavior of squirrels during the autumn months is what is most likely to create this misconception.

Nut-burying is a common behavior among Squirrels, what they do is When food is plentiful, they gather nuts like acorns and bury them in different places.

Squirrels have a good sense of smell and memory, which allows them to remember where their stores are located when they need to retrieve them. When food is scarce, like in the winter, this secret stash of food serves as their survival food.


What Do I do If I see a Baby Squirrel?

If you come across a baby squirrel, it is better not to bother it and refrain from handling it at all costs. When you touch a baby squirrel, you take the risk of causing it distress and interfering with its chances of survival.

In most cases, its mother is probably not far away. If you are concerned about the baby squirrel and its safety, you should get in touch with your local wildlife for professional advice and assistance.



In conclusion, squirrels are definitely not egg-laying creatures. They follow the mammalian way of giving birth to their young ones alive, just like us humans.

Squirrels have unique behavior and characteristics, and there are different species of squirrels worldwide. 

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